Gay Macrophilia

Macrophile's moon

A man want to show to his friend his secret.

HOME REPAIR: "Playing with a tinyman" (Macro Comic)

Macrophilia - Pitfalls of technology

And one more time Dave and Cletus meet to create a new muscle flexing video and to post it online. Whatever could happen? But one floor above Vicky is trying ...

Macrophilia: Growing visitors

Nothing but trouble. Kevin gets a visit on his little "farm". But it's not a nice visit. Hopefully they do not find out that something is wrong with him too.

Macrophilevil censored version

A young man did a pact with the devil to get immortality. But this is not without consequence because he need to eat humans to live forever. It's been a while now ...

The Pit

I capture several tinies and give them a new home.

Giant is hungry squeze eats tiny men

Skype-- magicstripp (live shows, custom videos) Buy full video at: Nothing feels better than a GIANT taking you ...

The Butt Sniffer

Tiny perv butt sniffer gets more than he bargained for.

Chi Zillas Brad O Episode 1 Preview

Check out the full video at: in the members area or by digital download from the Chicago Footage Store at: ...

SCHOOL UNIFORM: little game with giant (JP) Macro Comic

No Deo Duo Preview

Had the pleasure to get a custom video from the No Deo Duo guys! If you don't know who they are check out their youtube page: ...

Thank you

A special treat and thank you to all my supporters, a free little clip with Damon and little me POV.

Village Raider 2

I raid a second village and swallow it's inhabitants.

The giant guy and too tiny guy

incredible difference between the giant guy.

6'9 Giant dominating small muscle fan!!

6'9 350lb Victor throws little Mpho around like a toy! Watch as he completely dominates him for 10min! The little guy is helpless to stop our giant from throwing ...

The new adventures of Captain Imprecise - Episode I

A message first: This is NOT a macrophilia - video, like my other posts. This is a little projekt i made in between, while i was bored. Only a little bit nonsense, but ...

Macro giant fantasy...

will be available for all inner circle members to stream soon and in the cart now ...

Tiny survivor

A group of friends spend their holidays together. They decide to sunbathe on an inflatable boat, but after some rest, they find themselves lost at sea.

City Strippers

Giant, handsome and muscled guys stripping in different locations and making some destruction during the process. All credits for the creation of the video go to ...

Macrophilia's video teaser

Hello! I know I don't post a lot of videos, and some people are impatient to see what I'm going to do. So this is like a teaser, of 4 videos that I'm working on (Yeah, ...