Gay Macrophilia

Mark Summers the Giant- Official Trailer

Mark Summers comes to dominate you New Years Eve.

Macrophile's moon

A man want to show to his friend his secret.

Macrophilia: Growing visitors

Nothing but trouble. Kevin gets a visit on his little "farm". But it's not a nice visit. Hopefully they do not find out that something is wrong with him too.

Macrophilia - Pitfalls of technology

And one more time Dave and Cletus meet to create a new muscle flexing video and to post it online. Whatever could happen? But one floor above Vicky is trying out her new shrink weapon on her...

The Pit

I capture several tinies and give them a new home.

The Aftermath

Tanith completely decimated a tiny village in his home. …Will the survivors make it out alive? Based on a story, “The Aftermath” is filled with unique visuals, extended Point of View...

Brotherhood II Locker Room Scene

Harlan and co. lure Marcus into the locker room under false pretenses.

The Butt Sniffer

Tiny perv butt sniffer gets more than he bargained for.

Giant Dad Swallows Son (Trailer)

Get the FULL VERSION here: For purchasing other videos and photosets contact us at: Watch our other trailers here! Season 1: https://www.y...

Shrunken Roommate

Finally! Kayne made it! He has finished his researches. From now on, living together with his roommate Zeb will be much more fun. I hope you enjoy! NEW: Visit me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.c...

City Strippers

Giant, handsome and muscled guys stripping in different locations and making some destruction during the process. All credits for the creation of the video go to GermanGiantFan aka MarkyMarco...

Josh Preview

Well here is Josh! New giant and the first of my collaboration with Infinity on Coiledfist. We have a few giants to share some exciting adventures with! Josh will make his way over the weekend...

Midnight snack

This is a short vore video requested by a friend.


Avete mai sentito i termini “tiny” “giant” o “macro” in ambito sessuale? Probabilmente no. Fanno parte di una variazione sessuale molto poco nota che si chiama MACROFILIA. Scopriamo...

Thank you

A special treat and thank you to all my supporters, a free little clip with Damon and little me POV.

Between a toe and a hard place\Furry Micro/Macro Comic

İ didn't do This Comic Just İ want to Share you. Creator is Here:

Gregg Homme Underwear Guilty Pleasure Gay Fantasy

Model (Thierry Pepin) wears the Gregg Homme Hotshot Brazilian Brief Our man is being spied on from the building across...

Stolen Snacks

You wanted it so! A new little weight inflation video! Noah steals his roommate's snack. But: this one is not merely intended to eat! I hope you enjoy the little theme-changed video. : D Victor...

Macrophilia & Microphilia

I answer a guy's letter to me asking if he should tell his girlfriend about his sexual fetish, and I discuss psychological theories on why someone would have this particular fetish. Join me...

Macrophilia's video teaser

Hello! I know I don't post a lot of videos, and some people are impatient to see what I'm going to do. So this is like a teaser, of 4 videos that I'm working on (Yeah, I can't be focus on...