Frying Pan Tower

The Most Terrifying B&B on Earth: The Frying Pan Tower Coast Guard Light Station

The Frying Pan Tower is a Coast Guard Light Station located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina that is being restored with the assistance of people like you!

Frying Pan Tower waves

Early 2019 and the wind n waves are kicking again...

Frying Pan Ocean Cam powered by

Look far out into the Atlantic ocean and watch the weather shift and the day come and go from 34 miles off the coast. Learn more about why this is called the ...

Frying Pan Birthday

This is a video about a weekend stay at Frying Pan Tower, a former lighthouse about 35 miles off the coast of NC.

Spearfishing at the Frying Pan Tower - Wilmington, NC - 18 May 2013

Spearfishing, grabbing lobster and dealing with sharks the entire dive...

Barracuda Cam powered by

Watch the Barracuda Cam - LIVE You are watching live footage from beneath the located approximately 34 miles seaward of Cape Fear, North Carolina.

The Frying Pan Tower: Das gefährlichste Hotel der Welt | Galileo | ProSieben

Umzingelt von Haien, mitten auf dem Ozean. Das ist das gefährlichste Hotel der Welt. Galileo hat es sich genauer angeschaut. ▻Mehr Galileo: ...

Shark Cam powered by

What marine life is found 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina? Watch live and find out more about the sharks residing in these waters on ...

When The Frying Pan Tower Feed Faded To Black During Hurricane Florence - Time-lapse

Thousands watched the live feed from the Frying Pan Tower cam as Hurricane Florence lashed it with powerful winds and high waves. Unfortunately, after the ...

WATCH: Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast

Live video compliments of This view is of Frying Pan Tower, located 34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina.


Scout troop has a great couple of days snorkeling, fishing and camping out on Frying Pan Tower. The troop helped out working on the tower!

IT COULD BE YOURS! This bed & breakfast 35 miles off NC's coast is up for auction

The Frying Pan Tower, a decommissioned Coast Guard Light Station turned adventure bed and breakfast, 35 miles off the North Carolina coast is up for auction ...

Frying Pan Tower Owner Richard Neal on Hurricane Florence - Live Chat

Want to learn more about the Frying Pan Tower? Tune in to hear owner Richard Neal talk about the recent Hurricane Florence fiasco and more about Kevin the ...

Shark Cruises by Frying Pan Cam.

Our underwater camera at the Frying Pan tower caught this sand tiger shark cruising by. It's an awesome sight to see this magnificent creatures up close in their ...

Frying Pan Tower Hogfish

06-17-2014 Spearfishing, 110 ft near Frying Pan tower.

The Frying Pan Tower Stands Strong Against Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence approached the Carolina coastline, the live feed from the Frying Pan Tower went viral as it showed an American flag flapping furiously in ...

Shipwreck discovered on Frying Pan Shoals!

Tom Gidus & Jason Turbeville discover a virgin shipwreck 9 miles off Cape Fear, NC., on Frying Pan Shoals in the summer of 2008. They then become ...

Hurricane Matthew at the Frying Pan Tower NC Coast 10-8-2016

There are rooms on the Frying Pan platform that one can stay. Here is a guy staying in the Hurricane going through today....just lounging in the "breeze".....check ...

Witness Hurricane Florence's Arrival on FryingPan Cams!

Hurricane Florence was absolute chaos out on the Frying Pan Tower and it was so entertaining to watch! Here's our short recap of Florence's arrival from our live ...

Frying Pan Tower Auction

The Frying Pan Tower is being auctioned! Watch and learn how you can join the bidding at!

The quick and easy way on or off the Frying Pan Tower!

When the waves are high, the helicopter is the way to go!

Frying Pan Tower - Sharks among us

Lots of sharks in the strangely green waters around the Frying Pan Tower last weekend. Caught a few on camera!

Frying Pan Tower - "birddoggin' it"

August Trip to Frying Pan Tower.

Frying Pan Tower - Jet Ski action down n up

We practice using our jet ski for emergency actions & training sometimes includes just having fun!