Severum Cichlid Care Video. (Heros efasciatus)

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Heros Efasciatus 'Rotkeil' wv Rio Nanay

Koppel wildvang Heros.

Heros cf efasciatus


Besatzvorstellung- Heros efasciatus

Hi, In dieser Videoreihe werde ich alle Arten aus meinem Bestand zeigen und ein bisschen vorstellen . hier seht ich meine Heros efasciatus. Die Tiere sind noch sehr jung und sind gerade mal...

Green Severum / Heros efasciatus with fry

This five year old pair of green severums have a 'new lease on life' ... breeding life that is. I just recently moved them to a 180G tank with several other SA cichlids. Despite the presence...

Heros efasciatus spawning

A pair of Severums (Heros efasciatus) are spawning on a half plant pot. they favor vertical surfaces. This pair is very prolific, laying eggs every couple of weeks.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum: A very special pair

This eight year old pair of Heros efasciatus have been together through 'thick and thin' , strongly pair bonded, since 2011. They have never to my knowledge had a squabble, have brought thousands...

Heros cf efasciatus Belem haben abgelaicht

Nach langer Zeit hat mein Heros cf efasciatus Belem Paar abgelaicht...

Heros Efasciatus Rotkeil Rio Nanay

Een nieuw filmpje van de heros....

Heros efasciatus - Rotkeil-Augenfleckbuntbarsche bei der Balz

Hier balzen gerade meine beiden großen Heros efasciatus - Rotkeil-Augenfleckbuntbarsche. Dieses Balzverhalten wird auch als Maulkampf bezeichnet.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum eight year old pair with fry

These fish have been pair bonded for more than seven years and have never been apart or had a 'disagreement'. Their frequency of spawning has slowed but whenever they do, they are exemplary...

Heros efasciatus "Rotkeil", Guianacara stergiosi - micha ;)

Heros efasciatus "Rotkeil", Guianacara stergiosi - dinner.

250L aquarium with Astronotus ocellaris and Heros efasciatus

250L aquarium with Astronotus ocellaris and Heros efasciatus.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum pair with eggs

This five year old pair of Green severums had spent their entire lives in a 90G tank with a mix of other efasciatus and H. notatus. When they were younger, they were spawning machines. But...

Heros efasciatus spawning

Heros efasciatus F1 pair.

Red Spotted Severum (Heros appendiculatus/Heros efasciatus) X Large

The Red Spotted Severum is a color variant of the Gold Severum, where they are selectively bred to augment the red coloration present on the fish. All color variants of Severum are very popular...