Severum Cichlid Care Video. (Heros efasciatus)

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Heros efasciatus / Green Severum: A very special pair

This eight year old pair of Heros efasciatus have been together through 'thick and thin' , strongly pair bonded, since 2011. They have never to my knowledge had a squabble, have brought thousands...

Heros efasciatus Rotkeil und Gelege (nest of eggs) im 1000l Amazonasbecken 4K

Green Severum / Heros efasciatus with fry

This five year old pair of green severums have a 'new lease on life' ... breeding life that is. I just recently moved them to a 180G tank with several other SA cichlids. Despite the presence...

Severum Pair (Heros efasciatus) With Young

A pair of Heros efasciatus are busily guarding their cloud of fry from the other tank inhabitants (five 'notatus' and two other 'efasciatus'). in their 90G tank. They are very prolific, and...

Heros cf efasciatus


Северум красноточечный, Heros efasciatus,

Pielęgnica severum Heros efasciatus

Pielęgnica severum Heros efasciatus podrośnięte młode.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum pair with eggs

This five year old pair of Green severums had spent their entire lives in a 90G tank with a mix of other efasciatus and H. notatus. When they were younger, they were spawning machines. But...

Heros Efasciatus 'Rotkeil' wv Rio Nanay

Koppel wildvang Heros.

250L aquarium with Astronotus ocellaris and Heros efasciatus

250L aquarium with Astronotus ocellaris and Heros efasciatus.

Laying eggs,heros efasciatus :)

Laying eggs,my aquarium... :)

Heros Efasciatus Rotkeil Rio Nanay

Een nieuw filmpje van de heros....

Heros efasciatus sp “Rotkeil” red shoulder severum

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Heros efasciatus spawning

Heros efasciatus F1 pair.

Heros appendiculatus cf. efasciatus with fry

My three year old pair of wild caught Heros appendiculatus have finally paired and spawned. Basically in the two years that I had them, they were completely indifferent to one another. Neither...