Severum Cichlid Care Video. (Heros efasciatus)

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Green Severum / Heros efasciatus with fry

This five year old pair of green severums have a 'new lease on life' ... breeding life that is. I just recently moved them to a 180G tank with several other SA ...

Heros efasciatus Rotkeil und Gelege (nest of eggs) im 1000l Amazonasbecken 4K

Северум красноточечный, Heros efasciatus,

Geophagus brachybranchus & Heros Efasciatus

My Geophagus brachybranchus 10 months old Geo and Heros.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum pair with eggs

This five year old pair of Green severums had spent their entire lives in a 90G tank with a mix of other efasciatus and H. notatus. When they were younger, they ...

Heros cf efasciatus


Heros efasciatus Guarding Fry

Young pair of Heros efasciatus in a 90 g aquarium guarding newly free swimming fry.

Heros efasciatus - początek tarła

Początek tarła pielęgnic sewerum.

Heros efasciatus, Sinnamary tributary, French Guiana

Wild Heros efasciatus in French Guiana with Guianafish.

Heros Efasciatus 'Rotkeil' wv Rio Nanay

Koppel wildvang Heros.

Heros efasciatus - Rotkeil-Augenfleckbuntbarsche bei der Balz

Hier balzen gerade meine beiden großen Heros efasciatus - Rotkeil-Augenfleckbuntbarsche. Dieses Balzverhalten wird auch als Maulkampf bezeichnet.

Heros efasciatus / Green Severum: A very special pair

This eight year old pair of Heros efasciatus have been together through 'thick and thin' , strongly pair bonded, since 2011. They have never to my knowledge ...

Heros Efasciatus 'Rotkeil' met jongen.

In mijn 250*90*30 aquarium met Zuid-Amerikaanse cichliden heb ik onder meer drie Heros Efasciatus 'Rotkeil', een man en twee vrouwen. De man paart om ...

Heros efasciatus 'gold' pair with spawn.

This pair of golds throw 100% gold young. They were offspring of a pair Heros efasciatus 'green' where one of the parents possessed the gene for gold.