Earthquake San Diego

5.4 Earthquake Rattles San Diego & Southern California

July 7th, 2010 - A 5.4 earthquake along the San Jacinto fault, shook San Diego to Los Angeles. The quake was centered near Borrego Springs.

2010/06/14 Earthquake in San Diego

TOR@SD: There was 5.7 earthquake in the eighth inning.

4.4 Earthquake rattles San Diego County

Geologist talks about what we can learn from a small quake like this.

Tour the Rose Canyon Fault - San Diego's Biggest Earthquake Threat

"The Big One" on the San Andreas Fault is something that all of California should be ready for. Surprisingly enough, San Diego fares well in the damage models ...

San Diego geologist questions earthquake study

A team of researchers, geologists and engineers Wednesday will present their latest research on San Diego's Rose Canyon fault, and their predictions are costly ...

Easter earthquake san diego 2010

San Diego California Easter Earthquake..Real video!!

7.2 Earthquake felt in "San Diego,ca"

We were in the middle of our Easter hunt that's when we felt the Temblor we were freaking out! Watch the cactus moving. We were panicking like if something ...

San Diego earthquake from the 21st floor

San Diego earthquake from the 21st floor.

Easter Earthquake San Diego Footage

Captured by SecuritySpy. April 4th, 2010 Earthquake, UC San Diego. It lasted quite a long time. Camera is just sitting on a table and is triggered by any motion.

INSANE FOOTAGE!! San Francisco #Earthquake- 1989- BEST CLIPS


Breaking Report: "Major Quake Will Hit San Diego"

San Diego faces heightened risk of major earthquakes soon also Help Us Spread the Word ...

earthquake on easter in el centro

Easter Egg Hunt When the Earthquake Hit. =Z.

earthquake in southern california today ||5.2 earthquake 2016

5.2 earthquake 2016 shakes Southern California awake Friday, Southern California, earthquake Southern California , earthquake san diego, earthquake in ...

Earthquake: San Diego fault more dangerous than once believed

The Rose Canyon Fault runs alongside the northern San Diego County coast, comes inland around La Jolla, extends under downtown San Diego and winds up ...

10-17-1989 San Francisco Earthquake - First Minutes (KGO TV)

The first part of this video begins with ABC Sports coverage of the beginning of Game 3 of the World Series which was interrupted by the quake. The second part ...

Earthquake : 313 Earthquakes swarm San Diego County of Brawley California (Aug 27, 2012)

News Articles: Earthquake swarm puts California town on edge ...

Local firefighters ready for earthquake response

San Diego firefighters were ready to spring into action after this morning's earthquake struck.

What a tsunami warning means for San Diego

Geologist Dr. Pat Abbott explains how this morning's earthquake in Alaska impacted San Diego.

Southern California overdue for major earthquake, study says

Geologists are out with a startling warning that Southern California is overdue for a major and possibly catastrophic earthquake. A new study says it's expected ...

earthquake Chula Vista San Diego .avi

Earth quake CA San Diego Chula Vista At Sunset Market and Liquor ( soda refrigerator ) Roy.

1989 News from San Diego. Earthquake Aftershocks. Starts at 7:40

5.2 earthquake jolts San Diego County

What is next for Southern California? ◂ San Diego's News Source - 10News, KGTV, delivers the latest breaking news, weather forecasts, video on demand and ...

Earthquake survivors return home from San Diego

San Diegans among survivors of 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

San Diego Earthquake

In the midst of laying down a track on Easter Sunday.

Earthquake 4.6 Mag Ensenada Mexico felt in San Diego CA

Earthquake 4.6 Mag Ensenada Mexico felt in San Diego CA.

Coming Earthquake San Francisco, San Diego - Mount Etna Volcano

Earthquake 4.0 California Between San Diego And Los Angeles

The Earth is "Shaken and Quaken" as the Devil's back is breaking as a 4.0 quake hits between San Diego and Los Angeles California ...