Devious Devices Integration

Devious Devices "Quest" The bookcase Prt. 1

A questmod by zadil , from loverslab "devious devices" Check it out here: Other channel's:

Devious Devices "Quest" Zed S. Curio Prt. 2

Part 2 1080 p Better quality, longer video ^.^ U can find the mod here: Other channel's:

Devious Devices "Quest" The Ending! Prt. 4

The final part, and ending!. mod source: other channel's:

Devious Devices "Quest" The Search Prt. 3

Part 3 I'm searching for the 1st piece out of 3 pieces. Mod source: Other channel's: http://www.twitch...

Devious Devices in Skyrim прохождение #2

Вторая часть прохождения Devious Devices - БДСМ секс мод для Скайрима. Завершим квест в Арканеуме. Важное примечани...

sexkyrim hard tweaked

un corto "fotash" por sexskyrim muy muy "heavily tweaked" y con pica pica xD. tuve un par de chrashes mientras grababa pero es por un mod que quite y se me olvido arreglarlo. ademas esta demasiado...

DEF CON 25 IoT Village - Brian Knopf - Redesigning PKI For IoT Because Crypto is Hard

As the previous Director of Security at companies like Linksys, Belkin, and Wink, I learned hard lessons about the pitfalls of PKI. This was especially true on IoT devices, where the responsibility...

DEF CON 25 Packet Hacking Village - Mike Raggo, Chet Hosmer - Covert TCP with a Twist

Taking a modern day look on the 20 year anniversary of Craig Rowland's article on Covert TCP, we explore current day methods of covert communications and demonstrate that we are not much better...

DEF CON 25 Packet Hacking Village - Ron Taylor - Demystifying The OPM breach, WTF Really Happened

In September 2016 the House Committee on oversight finally released their report. Four years after the original breach, we are still asking how the f*#! did this happen. This talk with go over...

informu crowdfunding campaign video

Informu, a team of CU Boulder students, are raising money to complete their second generation prototype of the mu device. Visit their website for more information:

Skyrim - Trapped In Rubber speedrun in 2:16:30 (with commentary track and subtitles)

This is a segmented speedrun of the Skyrim-mod "Trapped In Rubber" version 0.53. "Trapped In Rubber" is made by: Greyspammer at I am, Kaffekoker, on This run...

Inner Confirmation for Outer Manifestations

Chapter 1 - Inner Confirmations for Outer Manifestations Chapter 2 - You, an Energy Reader? Chapter 3 - Your Starting Point for Successful Manifestations Chapter 4 - All You Have Lived Is Valuable!...

XDC2013: Martin Peres - Reverse-engineering power management on nvidia gpus, a detailed overview

More information at

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse by Revolution Episode 1 - Paris in the spring Shots ring out from a gallery... a robbery... a murder... and the beginning of another epic, original Broken...

Concise Modular Calculus [93/97]: Surface Integrals of Vector Fields

1/5 on Vector Calculus/Vector Analysis) Justifies the surface integral of a vector field as the appropriate tool to measure a field's "throughput" through a given surface. Computes, among...

Ship Wars - iPhone iPod Action Game

Demo of Ship Wars with Game Center integration. Captain a battleship and blast away enemy ships, choppers and submarines. Earn achievements and compare your scores against others.

Playdead's INSIDE available in IOS Now!!!!

Play the beginning for free. In-app purchase the full game. Compatible with iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, Apple TV or later. What the press said: “MASTERPIECE! Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer...

Xbox One Smart Glass App Demo 2013 - App is available and FREE on all platforms

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Dueling Me in Mediacom?!

Sometimes I talk to myself. Sometimes out loud. And, sometimes, it ends up On Camera. Yikes!

Card Crawl | iOS Gameplay Trailer

Card Crawl - Arnold Rauers | iOS Gameplay Trailer Card Crawl is a solitaire style Dungeon Crawler played with a modified deck of standard cards. Clear the Dungeon of 54 cards by using item-cards,...

Build smarter apps with Office using the Microsoft Graph - BRK3080

The Microsoft Graph is the gateway to Office 365 and Microsoft cloud data, insights, and rich relationships. Supporting both work and school accounts and personal accounts, the Microsoft Graph...

تعليم كيفية تحميل لعبة (Planet Coaster Alpha) بطريقة سهلة جدا

هذا هو رابط التحميل

Build business applications with Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Office 365

PowerApps and Flow are services for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile - without the time and expense of custom software developmen...