クリスタルキング - 大都会 Crystal King - Daitokai [English subtitle]

I do not own this song, this is but a translation of the original. Here is the song that put Crystal King to the top of the charts and initiated their success, Daitokai (Big City/Metropolis)....

Daitokai Menue im japanischen Restaurant Köln

Die geilste Zubereitung von Fisch.

Crystal King - Daitokai - Mirage クリスタルキング 大都会 蜃気楼 LIVE 1988

Crystal King - Daitokai - Mirage 1988 LIVE Lyrics: Daitokai - 大都会: Aa hateshinai Yume wo oitsuzuke Aa itsu no hi ka Oozora kake meguru Uragiri no kotoba ni Kokyou wo hanare Wazuka na...

Daitokai - Part 2

DAITOKAI was a tv cop show broadcasted in Japan at the end of the 70's. It was based on the same success that Starsky & Hutch in united states: Gun carnages, car chases and hard stunt between...

Gaki no tsukai - Matsumoto & Tanaka vs クリスタルキング 大都会 (Comparison)

Our website: http://tofupandas.tumblr.com Our facebook: www.facebook.com/tofupandafansubs. _____ Had to make some edits to the original videos due to the song in the lip sync being shortened....

Sanofi – Meet Masayuki Tanaka, living with hypercholesterolemia in Japan

Masayuki Tanaka, or “Mabo,” as he is known, is a Japanese vocalist and one of the original members of the legendary rock band Crystal King. At the age of 60, he suffered a heart attack,...

クリスタルキング「大都会」アコギ弾き語り Crystal King "DAITOKAI" (sing while playing acoustic guitar)

I play for non-commercial and personal use. Crystal King is japanese rock band. ”DAITOKAI” means "big city" such as Tokyo, Japan.

Daitokai Köln (2011).wmv

Daitokai Köln Die geilste Art Japanern beim Kochen zuzusehen.

「Daitokai」 in karaoke event August 27th, Pasela, Akihabara

Hi everyone! So now that I'm back from my trip to Japan, I can post few stuff... I held a small karaoke event in Akiba... this is one of the song I tried (meaning, not 100% successfully XD)...

Crystal King - Daitokai drum version ( frets on fire ) frettee par moi.

Dai Tokai [Sub Español+Lyrics]

Creditos por la traduccion al ingles... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnF-AgXCgtQ ) Titulo al español : "La Gran Ciudad" Artista : Crystal King Perdon si la traduccion esta mal, toda...

大 都 会  daitokai       クリスタル・キング kurisutaru kingu

2013年10月21日(月) 00083.


nice restaurant where they cook right infront of you...

"Daitokai" Japanese Restaurant Berlin

The best japanese dinner I´ve ever had. I was so excited. I bow all the time when the staff passed us.. XD Enjoy the video!