Cv 61

USS Ranger CVA/CV - 61 in Brownsville

July 12, 2015.

USS Ranger CV-A 61 Tribute

While I was the webmaster/owner of I acquired many photos from fellow Rangermen. I originally had them published to my website back ...

EX-USS Ranger (CV 61) towed from Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton.

BERMERTON, Wash. (March 5, 2015) The decommissioned Forrestal-class aircraft carrier ex-USS Ranger (CV 61) is towed away from Naval Base ...

USS Ranger CVA - 61 WESPAC Cruises 1968 - 1975

Ranger Service 1969 - 1973 A - 1 Division Deck Edge Elevators.

VENTURA ORANGE McLaren 570S Coupe 2016 3.8 V8 Biturbo 570 cv 61 mkgf 328 kmh 0-100 kmh 3,2 s@60 FPS


A-6 mishap July 19, 1991 USS Ranger CV-61

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

USS Ranger CVA- 61 WESPAC Cruises 1964 1974

I served from 1969 -1973 my brother served from 1966 1970 with Attack Squadron 155 A-4 E Skyhawks on the USS Coral Sea and the USS Ranger.

USS Ranger CVA / CV -61

Video # 2 Farewell Dedication to The USS Ranger.

BLADE SILVER McLaren 570S Coupe 2016 3.8 V8 Biturbo 570 cv 61,2 mkgf 328 kmh 0-100 kmh 3,2 s@60 FPS


Bipiano torinese Viberti Monotral CV61

Torino, 5/7/2011 - Servizio del TGR Piemonte sull'autobus bipiano Fiat 413 Viberti Monotral CV61. Questo esemplare è stato ricostruito dagli unici due bus ...

USS Ranger CVA-61 "Subic Bay Philippines"

Good Ole Olongapo City And THAT Famous River We Loved our Liberty Time Best liberty port in the W O R L D I do not own the music rights.

SR61 Scanner and CV41 / CV61 Vehicle-Mount Computer -- Save Time with Exception Handling

To learn more, visit: In the past, forklift operators equipped with a handheld scanner and a vehicle-mount computer needed a separate ...

USS Ranger CV 61

My home from 1979-1981 She was decommissioned and scraped recently. Great Memories, many countries visited.

U.S.S. Ranger (CV-61)- The final piping

This video is dedicated to the U.S.S. Ranger (CV-61) and all of it's outstanding crew members who served aboard her with pride from different eras.

We're Coming Home (USS RANGER CV-61)

USS RANGER "We're Coming Home" Video in 1991.

USS Ranger CVA-61

Photos I took aboard the USS Ranger 40 years ago, They are scanned from faded slides I did my best to clean them up.

U.S.S. Ranger (CV-61) Leaving PSNS (Shot 1)

Footage from South Kitsap High School of the old Forrestal-class aircraft carrier leaving for Texas to be scraped.



USS Ranger CV61 - Ranger and Indy in Persian Gulf 1992

Relieving the Independence in the Persian Gulf 1992. The last time 2 Forrestal class carriers would meet at sea.

Incontriamo il Viberti CV61! Parte 1

Jonny Porcu e Luca Gastaldi, ai tempi della trasmissione Taglio Classico sono andati alle officine di Sassi ad incontrare... il CV61, il fantastico ed ormai unico ...

USS Ranger CV61 - Flank Speed to Somalia

Heading to Somalia. Our cruiser Valley Forge (CG50) is out in front leading the way. We were being shadowed by the Iranian Navy in transit through the Strait of ...

VERMILLION RED McLaren 570S Coupe 2016 3.8 V8 Biturbo 570 cv 61 mkgf 328 kmh 0-100 kmh 3,2 s@60 FPS


USS Ranger CVA- 61

The efforts to save the Ranger have failed, despite the efforts of the USS Ranger Foundation. The Ship is Scheduled for Scrap in 2014, Thank You All who ...

USS Ranger CVA-61 "Farewell" March 5, 2015

She served the United States Well But the Government decided "She Needed To Be Scrapped" Our Once Proud Lady is now in the hands of the SCRAPPERS in ...

USS Ranger CV61 - A6E Intruders Landing 1992-93

Worked the night shift, so it gave me good opportunity to get on deck and get some video during the day.

Fiat 413 CV 61 Monotral Viberti GTT / ATTS Torino n. 2002

Video del 1° Novembre 2015 al giro turistico in occasione della 40 a edizione di Arcamodellismo,mentre attraversa Piazza Statuto.