Men In Black - Chordbusters March

Every barbershopper knows this rockin uptune, and now you do too.. What is that buzzing in your ears? Quartet members (left to right): Ray Johnson (baritone) ...

Bluegrass Student Union - "Chordbuster March"

Chordbuster March” Bluegrass Student Union SPEBSQSA International Champion Barbershop Harmony Society Hall of Fame Quartet Arr: W. A. Wyatt Digital ...

The Vagrants - Chordbusters March

Download Barbershop on iTunes! The Vagrants 2010 BHS Midwinter Convention Tampa, FL.

The Vagrants- Chordbusters March

the national collegiate champs of 2009 performing at the tampa performing arts center.

Chordbuster's March -- One Man Quartet

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Riptide - Chordbusters March/Brand New Day Medley (TV appearance from 1999)

Before they became perennial top 5 medalists, Riptide appeared on CBS Saturday Morning back on October 9, 1999 to perform and talk about our barbershop ...

Elementary Mix - The Chordbusters' March

Elementary Mix The Chordbusters' March This quartet from Quinton Township School (New Jersey) has a second grader on lead, a third grader on baritone, ...

Chordbusters March Barbershop Multi-Track

This is what happens when I'm bored at work. 4 Part Multi-Track Barbershop Harmony, sung by me.

The Chordbusters Flashmob

April 2016 Surprise for Shoppers.

Swedish Match singing Chordbusters March in Cowboymode!!


The Boonslick Chordbusters

The Boonslick Chordbusters sing for elementary school children on Monday. The Chordbusters are a singing quartet with an annual tradition of bustling around ...

SLD HX Camp 2013 - Guys Chorus - Chordbusters March

SuperNova Barbershop Quartet: Chordbuster's March

This is from our first International contest ever in Portland, Oregon.

The Chordbuster March (The Vagrants) - A cappella

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Stand-By | Chordbusters' March

Arr. Mark Hale Performed at Harmony Explosion Quartet Competition 2017.

Chandler High School Treblemakers - Chordbuster March

Chandler High School Treblemakers Chordbuster March, arr. Joe Liles Performed live at ...

Last Minute Quartet :Chordbusters"

Harmony University Show at Belmont 8/2/14 Last Minute rings it with "Chordbusters March"! Members of TuneTown Show Chorus and Chapter at Large of Sweet ...

Water Wonderland Chorus with Chordbusters March.wmv

Water Wonderland Chorus theme song as performed at our pre-competition Friends and Family Show 4-10-2012. "Chordbusters March" is a standard for a ...

Chandler High School Treblemakers - Chordbusters March (Midwinter 2016)

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Ham and Cheese: Chordbusters march

Ham and Cheese Quartet from Sydney, Australia, sing the Chordbusters' march! This was our first ever gig in November 2010.

Sounds of the Mouth - Chordbusters March (MIdwinter 2016)

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12-Tones Barbershop Chorus: Akkord Halom (Chordbusters March) אקורד חלום

Recorded live at the BABS 2005 convention's Best of British and Friends, Brighton, UK, May 2005. Director: Alex Eshed.

Chordbusters Flashmob singing

Davenport Chordbusters Barbershop Chorus Flash Mob at the mall on Friday, April 22, 2016 singing one of their selections from their 60's and 70's songbook ...

The Chordbuster's March

Please enjoy Barbershop Harmony Time's original rendition of "The Chordbuster's March"

The Boonslick Chordbusters - KOPN First Friday Concert Series (May!)

Join us for our next concert! In the Ashlock Library on the first Friday of every month. Check KOPN's Facebook page for updates: ...