Biggie vs Funkitty Egg-Cersizer.MOV

Biggie Smalls tests out the Premier Funkitty Egg-Cersizer for review on Pawesome.net.

Egg Cersizer tested by CatBox

CatBox puts the PetSafe Egg-cersizer to the test. Snowcup's first time seeing one, and she takes right to it. https://catbox.com.au/Shop/Product/egg-cersizer-cat-treat.

PetSafe Slimcat and Egg-cersizer

If you're looking for a way to keep your cat healthy and active, we have just the trick.

Guinea Pigs with Egg-Cersizer

I decided to try an Egg-Cersizer with my guinea pigs. It's a cat toy food dispenser. Bertie got the hang of it pretty quickly, much to Pinniped's annoyance. Pinni tried to steal all of Bertie's...

Product Review for Premier Pet Products - Egg-Cersizer

Product Review for Premier Pet Products - Egg-Cersizer.

Product Review for Premier Products Funkitty Egg-Cersizer a

Product Review for Premier Pet Products Funkitty Egg-Cersizer and Doorway Dangli, Video 1.

Koda en egg-cersizer

30 oktober 2017 - Koda (6 maanden) speelt met haar Egg-Cersizer. Deze voerbal ontworpen voor katten (maar ook heel geschikt voor konijnen :)!) heeft een eivorm waardoor de bal soms onverwacht...

Frankie and her Egg-cersizer

We had to get foraging toys to keep Frankie from eating to fast. She learned very quickly.

Boadicea goes in circles

Boadicea was endlessly circling around the egg-cersizer trying to dispense carrot pieces. You can read more about Boadicea at http://craftscaviescontras.blogspot.com/2016/06/going-in-circles.html.

Guinea Pig Toys: Egg-cersizer treat dispenser

My guinea pigs with the Funkitty Egg-cersizer during playtime. It is a plastic egg that unscrews in the middle and has adjustable holes that allow treats to fall out when it is rolled around....

The Sphynx and the FunKitty Egg-Cersizer

We Sphynx, being a high drive breed, benefit from a lot of mental stimulation.Really, all cats benefit from it. While we have never used the Fun Kitty EggCersizer before today, it was a big...

Coco vs Egg-cersizer toy

We would like to thank everyone who has donated gifts from our Amazon wish list. Here is Coco playing with her new Egg-cersizer toy, kindly donated by Susan. She very quickly discovered the...

katten en de funkitty egg cersizer

(for English scroll down) Wie zal als eerste de funkitty egg cersizer omgooien? Spotty; links of Daisy rechts? Maak je beslissing voor 3:32 minuten. ================================================...

Chichi's new toy & My new glasses!

More of a general blog than my normal name videos. Products are: "Egg-Cersizer" cat toy http://www.premier.com/View.aspx?page=cats/products/toys/funkitty/egg/description Prescription...

PetSafe Egg Cersizer Meal Dispensing Cat Toy

This video is about: PetSafe Egg Cersizer Meal Dispensing Cat Toy ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓ Don't forget to visit our website: http://relaxbuddyshop.com Product Link:...

Mr. B loves his Egg-cersizer! | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MI

We just started carrying these great food-balls. They hold a good amount of food with adjustable openings so that you can make your cat "hunt" for his dinner and get himself up and moving....

【うさぎ】ホーランドロップイヤー雪22 「エッグササイザーを極めた雪(Egg Cersizer)」【垂れ耳】

2016年6月18日 知育玩具でイチゴのおやつを食べる雪です(^o^) 転がして穴から出すのは完全に理解してますが、 出たイチゴに気付かない事もしばし...

Eggsercizer for cats

My kitties are testing out their new feeding system :)

Ginger & Fran Afternoon Snack Petsafe Fishbowl

Cute cats enjoy an afternoon snack of Fancy Feast kibble out of their Petsafe automatic feeder.

katten en de funkitty egg cersizer 2

(for English scroll down) Een 18 minuten filmpje van mijn katten Daisy en Spotty...gedownload in ruim 2 uren. Ik kan minuten lang kijken naar mijn katten. Jij? =====================================...