[CCT2] Round 1 Remix

I rushed through some demos and threw a few scenes together with the stream audio... First Round was mostly really fun and we saw some interesting and also some funny matches. Hopefully we...

[CCT2] Round 7 - The Remix

Some Highlights out of the games: Loaded vs. nv- A Bunch of Men vs. Die goldenen Knechte Velocity vs. Emperors Impromptu vs. Wu Tank Clan Team Xo vs. Stick Up Kidz Hopefully i get some more...

[CCT2] Group Stages - nv- vs. Velocity Game 2/2

Casted by : nikeOn,Dragon,Dyl Dough Streamed by : dec --


منتدي نجوم الشارع المصري.

[CCT2] Knechte vs. nv-

Since game 2 wasnt streamed and a lot people keep asking I uploaded some clips out of both games.Clips are fully pure this time since no real time to edit. The Huge amount of lag is because...

Preventa exclusiva Citibanamex - Billy Elliot del 5 al 11 de diciembre. CCT2.

Empresa dedicada a la Producción Teatral.

犯罪現場 CCT2

音樂: 1) Alien 3 S1 (OST) 2) Alien 3 High Score (OST) ----------------------------------------------- Ct: 雪子秀, Alkanet , Mansi Ctd: 1/4/2014 (首玩) , 6/1/2016 (更新) , 18/12/2016 (最新)

[CCT2] Round 8 - The Final Remix

MashUp of some of the last Preround Games in the Custom Campaign Tournament #2. Featured Campaign : I Hate Mountains 2 Voice Acting : SirPlease Featured Games: Velocity vs. NrJ jab! vs. Team...

[CCT2]Round 2 - The Remix

I rushed again through some of your demos and threw them together to a little mashup out of some of the Matches. Big Thanks here for streaming/casting the games to: bowflexin` kim World of...

[CCT2] Round 4 - The Remix

Little Mash Up out of the Round 4 games of: Velocity vs. Vice Versa Die goldenen Knechte vs. Impromptu 4 Play vs. 4Go Emperors vs. Explosion Some Clips are quite laggy since i got like 250...

Metallurgia - CCT2

Diagramma CCT (acciaio ipoeutettoidico; raffreddamento intermedio)

[CCT2] Round 5 - The Remix

After 2gb of demos and 2 days of recording and throwing together its finally there... PoV`s by: purple boat killatoy Kekkeri kimchi Meongz eww Dena nikeOn Ysaera DylDough Lust Sidewaysbox...

[CCT2] Grand Final : Velocity vs. Loaded!

Campaign:Suicide Blitz 2 --

[CCT2] Round 3 -The Remix

And another round passed by and again i rushed through some demos...Only a very short one this time since i had not that much time this week but surely next week i will have some more:) -NEXT...

犯罪現場 CCT2~CCT56 計時挑戰圖+Ending對話

1) God Bless (KDJ) Syn: FM_Piano , FM_Guita , Piano Dumb: Standard Kit FX: Hall2 編輯者: 雪子秀編輯日期: 30/11/2014.

[CCT2] Quarterfinals : Velocity vs. A Bunch of Men Game 1/2

Map : Dead b4 Dawn Casters : nikeOn,hib,World of Noise Streamer: Dec --