Why Caviera Is Scary - Rainbow Six Seige

Aces, clutches, and other savagery with Caviera ○ Subscribe ▻ sOCIAL mEDIA: ○ Facebook ▻ ○ Twitter ▻ ○ 10%...

ROAMING GODDESS: Caveira Guide - Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks (Skull Rain DLC)

My thoughts and tips for playing the new operator in the Skull Rain DLC, Caveira, enjoy! //Want to skip my thoughts on Caveira and go straight to the tips? I got chuuuu dawg...3:38 THANK YOU...

What 1000 HOURS of CAVEIRA Experience Looks Like - Rainbow Six Siege

1000 Hours of Experience...and Kappa is a dope emote. *NOTE* All gameplay in this video is from ranked games -----------------------------CLICK FOR MORE------------------------------- WATCH...

How 2 Caveira

An In-Depth Tutorial on how to git gud with Caveira. Follow me on Twitter- Songs Used In This Video: - Honeycomb Highway - Sonic Lost World Music Extended...

Caviera is Coming For You - Rainbow Six Siege

iDriss Belmamoun Zouhair Ch Achraf Ben Soufiane Sh Anass Chevalier Ali Lhacheq Nassime Bouchbouk Yassine Bouchbouk Mehdi Elarbaoui.

Dirty Caveira Tactics - Rainbow Six Siege

Highlights of some ranked games in Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow including some dirty tactics I have been using with caveira lately. Honestly cant stop playing Caveira these days, she makes for...

Caviera OP?? Best of Caviera

intro song Tobu - Hope (Original Mix) my best moments with caviera. in my opinion is a very underrated operator that can win the round for your team.


With the new update 2.1.2 there was a lot of different tweaks to the game. Including a buff for cavy's pistol! I never really liked cavy but now I can't stop using her! I love her new buff...


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Caviera OP! - Rainbow Six Siege Full Rounds Uncut Xbox Diamond #2 (Rainbow Six Siege Full Match)

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Caviera's Interrogation - Rainbow Six Siege

That triple kill was monster! Hope you enjoyed the video! •Subscribe Here!: ----------------------------------------------------------------- ▻Music Information!◅...

Caviera is a Monster! | Rainbow Six Siege | Best Interogations

I've been messing around with Caviera more recently and I've managed to pull off a couple clean interogations. I hope you enjoy!

Caviera ALL INTERROGATIONS ACE! | Rainbow Six Siege (Full Round Uncut)

I decided to pick Caviera since my teammates picked all my other 'preferred' operators. Then this happened....

Rainbow Six Siege - Caviera is a GOD!

Caviera is an (almost) ace machine! Sorry for the lack of talking and such, some clips werent working. I'm getting back into the flow of everything! If you want to play with us, message me...

Caviera is a ghost! (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege)

Because Growing Up Is For Kids.

What A Carry | Caviera Pulse Tactic | Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments | Siege Live Ranked

Read or parish (not france) In this video we play on Bartlett University, and Me and Mass end up carrying. But was it all worth it?! I play IQ and Pulse. And me and Octal do a pulse, and cav...

Caviera is Awesome - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SIege

Caveira Ace and Flanks in Tom Clancy's Rainbow SIx Siege...... About game : Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter, in which players take control of an operator...

Caviera 1v5 ACE - Explanation - Rainbow Six Siege

I explain what I was thinking while it all happened.

BIGGEST CAVIERA JUMP SCARE! - Rainbow Six: Siege - Random Funny and Epic Moments #3

In this episode we have ome of the, if not the biggest Caviera jump scare. It;s hilarious, I hope you enjoy the video. NoLyfe4Life- RugRatz Studios SaVaGe Studios TheDk Studios TysonsChick3n.


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(TTS)Rainbow Six: Siege Bloog Orchid - Caviera interrogation glitch is back

First Time Trying Caviera (Rainbow 6: Siege)

2 interrogations during my first time playing caviera.