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Inside the Cajun Navy: How Volunteers are Training to Rescue Hurricane Victims | Freethink

After Hurricane Katrina, volunteers with boats rescued thousands of flood victims. Those volunteers have evolved into the “Cajun Navy,” a cluster of groups ...

Cajun Navy teams up with Flightaware for Harvey Rescues

A redneck, a preacher, and two Flightaware execs team up and join the Cajun Navy to help rescue civilians from the Houston Area after Hurricane Harvey ...

Cajun Navy Saving The Houston Flood Victims From The Rising Flood Waters!

The Cajun Navy in Action Saving People in Houston From the High Flood Waters Caused By Hurricane Harvey! These Guys Are Heroes!

Rescued by The Cajun Navy: How citizens turned into saviors 10 years ago

Ten years ago, the most destructive natural disaster in U.S. history struck New Orleans and the eastern Gulf coast. Hurricane Katrina killed an estimated 1800 ...

Cajun Navy brings boats to help Harvey victims

All-volunteer organization helps out during the disaster.

A Day in the Life of the Cajun Navy

Countless volunteers from around the country came to Houston this week to help rescue stranded and trapped citizens. The Cajun Navy is one of those groups ...

Lawmaker wants ‘Cajun Navy’ to train, pay fee before saving others

The Good Samaritans who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands of people during the "Great Flood of 2016" say they're not happy after a state lawmaker ...

Inspired by Cajun Navy, Texas Navy volunteers rescuing Houston flood victims

Cajun Navy founder Rob Gaudet on helping rescue Tropical Storm Harvey victims from the flooding.

XX Bandz - S5 Yola - Cajun Navy (Official Video)

6 Clocks [Mixtape] 3/8/2019 @DonXXBandz @S5Yola Prod by @S5yola Shot by @AtlastProductions For Booking/Features ...

Louisiana Flooding "The Cajun Navy" seeing tractor trailer to high ground

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Cajun Navy Saves Two Dogs On A Roof From the Rising Waters Caused By Hurricane Harvey!

Two Dogs were Rescued From The Houston Flooding! Poor Dogs Look Relieved to Jump In The Boat!

The Cajun Navy is in Texas to help rescue those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

Members of the Cajun Navy volunteer group have landed in Houston to assist residents affected by flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey Monday, according to ...

Trump honors Cajun Navy in State of the Union

Cajun Navy 2016 founder Jon Bridgers on President Trump honoring the volunteers during his State of the Union address.

Cajun Navy saves the day in Houston!

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Cajun Navy

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'Cajun Navy' volunteers evacuate Lumberton, NC nursing home

'Cajun Navy' team evacuated 40 people from Highland Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lumberton, NC as Florence was flooding the roads around ...

Cajun Navy stuck on I-10

Several young members of the Cajun Navy were stuck on I-10 trying to get to Houston to help.

Heroes of Harvey: The Cajun Navy

Excerpt on the Cajun Navy from this week's Liberty Update. Patreon: Paypal: Minds: ...

Cajun Navy Relief takes on Hurricane Florence

Cajun Navy Relief President Shawn Boudreaux on the organization's efforts to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

USA: Cajun Navy joins rescue operations as Hurricane Harvey swamps Houston

Louisiana volunteer group Cajun Navy joined forces with the US Coast Guard, the Houston Fire Department and Police Department to rescue stranded ...



Donald Trump hails the Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy, that loosely organized bunch of Louisiana boaters who rescue people from floods, got a shout-out from President Donald Trump during a White ...


Vince Anthony Vocals -WRITER: Vince Guzzetta - A Tribute to the Cajun Navy of Louisiana.

Hell or high water, it’s the ‘Cajun Navy’ to the rescue

Last year when unprecedented storms hit the Baton Rouge area, an informal group of civilians -- fishermen and hunters with their own boats -- took to the water ...

Cajun navy Hurricane Harvey 2017 Houston Dayton Vidor Buna Port Arthur Texas

Worked with the Cajun navy. The best experience that I have had in a very long time. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

'Cajun Navy' volunteers remember when their towns flooded. Now they want to help Texas.

Volunteers from Louisiana, known as the “Cajun Navy,” make their way to the flooded areas of Texas, bringing with them supplies and boats. Subscribe to The ...