Buttcrush Animals

Buttcrush dog full version

Jessica Biel in a leading role was unaware and buttcrush the madams dog. she crush it numerous times. You can literally hear the crunch.


Si el vídeo te hizo sentir mal, no vayas a alarmarte, eso tan solo quiere decir que estás cuerdo. Este vídeo no intenta promover estas acciones ni alimentar el morbo, si no más bien tratar...

Butt crush a plush toy in pentyhose(request)

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

Big red teddy bear butt crush(request)

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

Gina buttcrush teddy bear [Check the description]

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Crushing a Toy

Hi! Here is a very cool clip of a manga called Prision School , if you want to see with subtitles in english you have to read the manga. Here´s the link. http://www.mangatown.co/prison-school/44/1...

Cow Vore

Why, That's not grass! Original: too lazy to get link just go to the profile of the guy who made the dog vore I recently uploaded, go to his account, go to videos, then you will see the video :3.

Buttcrush doll

Sexy girl in bikini buttcrush doll.

Sitting and riding stuffed toys+buttcrush eggbox

I'm trying something new-sitting on stuffed toys! Riding them feels so good and I love the way my butt sinks into them. Also I noisily buttcrush an egg box.

Amazing Girl in Hot Bikini Nearly Crushes Seagull

Amazing Girl in Hot Bikini Nearly Crushes Seagull I am surprised the bird did not crap on her.. maybe it did!

Killed animals in temple to celebrate festivals.

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girl farting on stuffed animal

girl farts on stuffed animal.

Man Farting (1846bobo Re-upload)

Well, this guy uploaded a ton of farting/buttcrush videos, before taking it a step too far by uploading one of his bare ass. YouTube didn't take kindly to that. So here's a re-upload.

butt crush and fart on toy 1

Look everyone,my super ass...the most beautiful in the world..round elastic again punishes Teddy bear, to him there is no chance he will be in it ,will breathe my wind,sweet gas...mmm this...

buttcrush fart on toy bunny

after i have crushed the poor bunny with my boots i place my ass on it an pass some gas.

farting buttcrush on toy bunny (request)

omg ;-) many people asked me to do something like that... so here it is.

Fat lady crushes a camel with her fat butt

poor animal was screaming for its life .. but did she get up? NO http://topick.com/

My Top 5 Sexiest Disney Female Animals

DAM these girls are hot!