Buttcrush Animals

Buttcrush dog full version

Jessica Biel in a leading role was unaware and buttcrush the madams dog. she crush it numerous times. You can literally hear the crunch.

Daring Do's Revenge- Butt Crush

Another path for my Daring Do commission.

Gina buttcrush teddy bear [Check the description]

Fresh butt crush pack 2016: http://adf.ly/1dLJkU (Huge 16GB pack of butt crush / spitting / vore / giantess!) FREE DOWNLOAD (via torrent, uploaded on ...

Butt crush fish(request)

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

farting buttcrush on toy bunny (request)

omg ;-) many people asked me to do something like that... so here it is.

Big red teddy bear butt crush(request)

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

Butt crush a plush toy in pentyhose(request)

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

Man Farting (1846bobo Re-upload)

Well, this guy uploaded a ton of farting/buttcrush videos, before taking it a step too far by uploading one of his bare ass. YouTube didn't take kindly to that.

Butt crush and super fart

My ass just FARTED...the neighbors heard..I think if the doll was alive,she would cry,knowing that she was the toilet paper for my ass.

Maltrato a un perro parte 2 crushfetish

Crushfetish (maltrato animal) Ayúdame a denunciar este tipo de actos Te invito a suscribirte Crueldad.

Bread buttcrush

A loft of bread being crushed by Kayla's booty ((Shot with iPhone in 4K resolution)) http://www.crushclips.com Opening SEPT 2016 ((Butt crushing in 4k.

Red pentyhose with sexy butt crush teddy bear face

Karolinalenna@gmail.com Long video private.

A fart for Bear


Animal Butts!!! The other side of animals - AnimalFarm

The photographer may or may not have captured the animals best side in these photos. Definitely a different angle to view the animals from.

Gwen farts on doll

Sexy Fart Video #4 Gwen Farts on Doll The british girl Gwen with her big and sexy butt do some wet farts for you :) Her Toy is a male Doll, with looks like a little ...

butt crush and fart on toy 1

Look everyone,my super ass...the most beautiful in the world..round elastic again punishes Teddy bear, to him there is no chance he will be in it ,will breathe my ...

Jumbo vs Spider-Man

Requested Match, I think just for seeing the size contrast. Jumbo is absolutely massive uses mostly grabs and can crush you in very few hits. But he is stupidly ...