Brainwash ranger

Tommy Brainwashed by Gasket

Tommy Oliver is brainwashed by Prince Gasket in the PR Zeo episode "King For A Day Pt. 1"

Brainwash 1

TV Show: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: High School Wars Episode Title: 2nd Period - Art Class.

Power Rangers Top 10 Mind Control

Power Rangers Yellow Rangers Red Rangers White Rangers Pink Rangers Green Rangers.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Madame Odius and the Gold Ranger | Episode 6 "My Friend, Redbot"

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Final Scene. Madame Odius enters her secret room, where she is brainwashing a stowaway to become the Gold Ranger.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Brainwashed Mick | Episode 18 "Magic Misfire"

Madame Odius reveals Tynamon's secret as a Tiny monster in a robotic body. Madame Odius uses Tynamon to brainwash Mick to join her team. Mick is played ...

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Madame Odius in the Ranger Base | Episode 20 "Reaching the Nexus"

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 20 Intro Scene. Madame Odius in the Ranger Base (Command Center). The Power Rangers watch as Madame ...


For many of us, Skateboarding is a vehicle for cleansing the mind of all the bullshit in life. BRAINWASH is our attempt at capturing the unique "in-the-zone" ...

Brainwash 25 DKMRYGKING

female guardian brainwashed by her nemesis.

Mind controlled + Transformed to beetle ranger servant

Male Mind Control 3

A teenager is mind controlled by a ballet instructor.

Brainwashed heroine

Heroine is brainwashed by her enemy and mind controlling....

brainwash for obedient girls

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Male Mind Control 2

A teenager is mind controlled by a sorceress.

Brainwash Video-5

Women's brainwashing video collection 5.

MC Hot Teen brainwashed into zombie

I rarely post videos of cartoons but this one was cool. This is from Alpha Teens from jetix, this cute guy is turned into a zombie via mind control.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Evil Spell Song | Ninpo Kinji Reference | Episode 3 "Tough Love"

Levi sings the full spell song and turns evil! The Power Rangers race into the city to battle Levi (Gold Ranger). Did you catch the Ninpo Kinji and Power Rangers ...

Female Mind Control (1)

The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes - S01E24 - This Hostage Earth Rights and video owned by Marvel Animation.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Doom Signal - Final Scene | Episode 19

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 19 Final Scene. Calvin is under a spell? Mick works for Madame Odius! Find out what happens next in Power ...

Brainwash Video-4

Women's brainwashing video collection 4.

Power ranger villain mind control

Reupload. Sorry about inactivity.

Brainwash Video-3

Women's brainwashing video collection 3.

Hunter Drained and Rescued From Motodrone

From the Ninja Storm episode "Brothers In Arms"

#TBT: I Am Astronema

It's Throwback Thursday! Andros is shocked to see that his sister, Karone has been brainwashed into becoming Astronema! From Power Rangers In Space ...

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Breaking Black - Unmorphed Fight | Episode 5

The Power Rangers fight Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder. Shelby helps Chase overcome the Spellbinder's spell. This scene is from Power Rangers Dino ...