Bookworm Adventures speedrun (PC) in 1:24:06 [WR]

Fun game. No deaths or major time losses but this game can still be pushed further- the opening has plenty of time to save. Timing starts upon selecting New Game and ends upon the last hit on Codex.

Bookworm Adventures (PC) (Adventure) Speedrun in 1:38:56 [Obsolete: See description]

My current PB is here: This is my 2nd most viewed video so I'm keeping it for historical note. Watch me live at

Bookworm Adventure Final Boss

tôi dùng từ để đánh bại Codex fraternity ---- cerberus aquifer ---- medusa appanage ----- Shaitan jetbead ---- Wolf-Man Sweetener & overprint ------ Codex.

10 Signs You're a Bookworm

how can you tell that you're a bookworm? leave a comment :p

Struggles of Being A Bookworm | TheBooksBuzz

What's the hardest part about being a bookworm? **OPEN FOR MORE INFO** I hope you guys all enjoyed that video. I had so much fun filming it and editing. I want to do more in the future comment...

Bookworm Adventures 2 Speedrun in 1:50:29 [FWR]

Lots of room to improve on this, will probably beat it again soon. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Bookworm Adventures Insane Word 3!

Read First!!! The reason I have every tile as a gem is because I have the "Mad Hatter Item" which means every time I scramble I get a random gem! But anyway, I'm sure you're asking what...

Bookworm Deluxe Aimbot (final)

More info: The bot skill passed the point where losing is improbable, so I'm calling this final. Changes from the previous video include OCR overhaul and the...

David Foster Wallace on Bookworm [1997]

David on Bookworm in 1997 to discuss the buttclampingly awesome "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again." Interviewer: Michael Silverblatt. KCRW owns the audio. Note: There are five David...

Bookworm Adventures 2 - Awesome words: Part 3 - includes ending

Music: Kevin MacLeod - New Friendly, DJ Harmonics - My Heaven, DJ Harmonics - Parasonic. I spell words at least 10 letters long in this video. Note that I did NOT cheat with a word finder or...

Bookworm Adventures Arena mode speedrun (8:46) [FWR]

EDIT May 17th 2015: I BEAT THIS RUN: I was debating whether or not to upload this for the past year and a bit, since I screwed up the capture and lost 36% of the...

W.G. Sebald on Bookworm

Michael Silverblatt speaks to W.G. Sebald on Bookworm. From 6 Dec 2001. This interview was transmitted eight days before his death in a car accident. KCRW own the audio.

The Life of a Bookworm

If you're really into reading fictional novels then you can probably relate to this video......

Bookworm Adventures 2 - Final Boss

The final boss of Bookworm Adventures Two. It has three forms, which are called: Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. I know, not that very creative. Words spelled: Interdealer *Kills...

Bookworm Deluxe Game Play

So, I tried downloading the demo on Steam real quick, but it seems most of the popcap games, have issues with either downloading, or actually playing due to an error saying that it cannot load...

Kurt Vonnegut on Bookworm [1999]

Kurt talks to Michael Silverblatt about "Bagombo Snuff Box" and his life's work. Broadcast Nov 11 1999. KCRW own the audio.

Becoming a Bookworm ~erika.

Bookworm VS Gamer

Starlet (the bookworm) and Cadence (the gamer) are compared for this weeks theme! Comment down below your favorite for a possible shoutout next week!

Bookworm Adventures Insane Word 2!

I began to play Bookworm Vol. 2 and the second 14 letter word I got is entertainingly! But what does it mean!? in an entertaining manner; "Byron's consumed memoirs possessed the merit of...

Bookworm Adventures (Vols. 1 and 2) 11-to-13-Letter Words

FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! This is one of the best and proudest videos for me since I started uploading games on YouTube! Also, this is my first word-game video. I guarantee, NO...

Bookworm Adventures - Volume 2 Walk-Through Play-Through (No Commentary) - Part 1

This video: Book 4 - Chapter 1 & 2. This is a complete walk-through and/or play-through of Bookworm Adventures - Volume 2, with absolutely no commentary. I have played this game before, so...

7 Problems Every Bookworm Understands

I don't know why I chose exactly 7 problems :D I hope you enjoy this short video of me showing you some of the many many problems I encountered while being a bookworm.

11-year-old bookworm reads thousands of novels in a year - Manchester Headline News

According to official statistics, a child aged between 6 and 11 will read 44 books each year. Well, an Altrincham schoolgirl has blown them out of the water with an impressive feat of bookwormey...

Bookworm Adventures Final Boss+Credits

Thanks for the 10K views! This is my 1st video to get it. Final chapter of the game as we battle Codex to save the Great Library. Game: Bookworm Adventures Boss: Codex (Final Boss)

The saddest bookworm

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Life At Thinker: Edisi Sexy Bookworm dan Terkulainya Dua Diva

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