Biting Finger

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Charlie bit my finger - again ! Subscribe here: Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have. Neither were ...

Biting fingers

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Madonna biting my finger

28.11.2015 Antwerpen / Burning Up / Rebel Heart Tour.

Piranha bites finger half off stupid guy.

See a tough guy turn into a wussy after his finger is bitten half off. Piranhas are no joke!!

Jk bite my finger

Becouse he jealous i hold Azran hand fo so long Jk angry to me and try to attack me and get my finger while i push him. But he come and said sorry to me.

Venus FlyTrap Bites Finger! Bloody or Safe?!?

I've had people saying Venus Flytraps will harm a human, so I put my finger in jeopardy to test this claim!

Horrible finger biting habit

Does anyone else have this problem? For as long as I can remember, I have had the nervous habit of biting my fingers, finger joints, and knuckles. The video is ...

Crystal biting Ashley Fuentes finger

Crystal Fuentes Rodriguez biting Ashley Fuentes finger Just messing around Loren recording.

Biting fingers

Peter requested that Hoobs bite his finger as hard as she could and someone filmed it.

finger biting

here is something i quickly took from my phone on a bus to saskatoon.

Finger Bite Challenge

Another family and friends challenge called the finger bite challenge. Have fun.

More biting fingers

This is what it's like to hang out with Naked Castle.

Cody biting my fingers.

Pretty much the title of the video.


Venus fly traps are a carnivorous type of plant that eats meat! Venus flytraps have a really strong bite and chew! Be careful if you decide to grow or care for a ...

couple biting finger challenge

finger biting challenge.

Couple biting finger challenge

Biting finger challenge.

The Interview (Finger biting scene)

seth fingers bitten off.

baby biting 99louisse finger

this baby is biting fingers weird 99louisse :)

Charlie bit my finger ( original full version )

Charlie bit me.

Woman accused of biting off, swallowing victim's finger

Heather Mohr faces assault charges after police say she bit off her victim's left pinky finger during fight outside a drug treatment center in Kentucky.

Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Session This hypnosis session, is packed with positive suggestions and techniques that will ...