Noragami Aragoto OVA - Kazuma and Bishamon (sweet) moment

A little "sweet" moment between goddess Bishamon (sometimes called like Veena) and Kazuma, her shinki (or regalia, it is same). Scene is from Noragami ...

Bishamon 【AMV】

ANIME :NORAGAMI Una de mis personajes femeninas favoritas, próximamente se vendrá un amv de kofuku ^^ Si les gusto no olviden dar like y suscribirse FB ...

Noragami moment - Yato kiss Bishamon

Best play ever... From Anime: Noragami Ova 2.

Noragami Aragoto episode 12 - Amv In the Dark Bishamon vs Izanami and Heaven

Noragami Aragoto - Amv In the Dark Bishamon vs Izanami and Heaven Bishamonten vs Kiun ( Oki ) ( Thunder Dragon ) Noragami season 2 Music :( Nine ...

Noragami Ova 2 - Yato besa a Bishamon (beso indirecto )

Meet the Darkstalkers: Bishamon - The Nostalgic Gamer

The Nostalgic Gamer on Twitter: The Nostalgic Gamer on Facebook: The Nostalgic Gamer presents Meet the ...

Noragami AMV Yato vs Bishamon - I am stronger

Song: Emphatic - I am stronger Anime: Noragami.

Noragami - Yato Kisses Bishamon 'Indirectly' (Scene)

Noragami - Yato Kissing Bishamon - Kiss Scene - OVA 2 Why is Yato so precious? xD Loved This OVA! I just wish that hand wasn't there... & maybe also give ...

► Kazuma & Bishamon | ARMOR AMV

Song: Landon Austin- Armor Coloring: #57 [Earth] {kindon18xTutorials} Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13.

Noragami Aragoto【AMV】Yato vs Bishamon (Anthem of the Angels)

Anime: Noragami Aragoto Episode: 04/05/06 Music: Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin.

Noragami || Bishamon & Kazuma & Yato - The Wrong Side Of Heaven

Please, watch it in HD! It's really important! • Editor: ElizaScarlett • Anime: Noragami (ノラガミ) • Character/-s: Yato (夜ト), Bishamonten/Veena (毘沙門天), Kazuma ...

Bishamon AMV:Miss Jackson

Buenas a todos! Soy Clau y hoy os traigo mi primer AMV, hecho con Sony Vegas. Espero que os guste mucho. Otra cosa, esto lo hice para un challenge de la ...

Bishamon & Kazuma || Find your way

Spoiler up episode 6 ----------------------------------------------------------- I'm back with a new amv. The new season of Noragami is amazing, and I really love this two!


4Gamer.netの記事, [GDC 2013]PowerVR 6やシリコンスタジオのPS4対応ゲームエンジンなど,明日のゲームが見えてくるGDC展示会場レポート(3) http://www...

[AMV/FMV] Noragami Aragato - Bishamon x Kazuma - Sign

Anime: Noragami Aragoto Music: Sign - Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING.

Bishamon Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Hello! This is my first makeup tutorial and I did it for the character Bishamon from Noragami! It's a super simple look and easy to do with any drugstore makeup ...

Yato and Bishamon kiss not so kiss? { Eng sub } Ova 2

Yato cưỡng hôn Bishamon

Anime : Noragami tập OAD 2 Đăng ký Facebook của ad :

You Are My Sweetest Downfall: Bishamon and Kazuma

I adore this pairing and with season 2, I couldn't help to make a video (I actually was just waiting for the season to be over so I could get started on one).

[AMV] Noragami - Bishamon vs Izanami

[AMV] Noragami - Bishamon vs Izanami [AMV] Noragami - Bishamon vs Izanami [AMV] Noragami - Bishamon vs Izanami [AMV] Noragami - Bishamon vs ...

Darkstalkers Resurrection - Bishamon

Beloved fighting game franchise is back and ready to take the fight to current gen consoles. Featuring a unique and colorful cast of characters blended with ...

Let's Listen: Darkstalkers (Arcade) - Bishamon's Theme (Extended)

Darkstalkers Music:

Kazuma x Bishamon - Love me like you do - male version

Nuevo vídeo~ esta vez con Kazuma y Vina~