Fox News fires Bob Beckel

Fox News announced that it had fired "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel for a remark he made to an employee of color.

BREAKING: Fox News Abruptly Fires Bob Beckel After Racist Comment

Top Stories Today - BREAKING: Fox News Abruptly Fires Bob Beckel After Racist Comment ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel: ...

CNN's Bob Beckel's BRILLIANT 2016 election predictions. #TFN-EXCLUSIVE

Bob's back! Beckel returns to 'The Five'

Co-host on returning to Fox News.

Fox News The Five's Liberal Bob Beckel Attempts to Backhand Kimberly Guilfoyle on Live TV

Fox News must not have an HR department because if they did then they would be firing Bob Beckel over his harassment. Take a look at these clips that are all ...

FOX News' Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb Live On "Hannity"

Beckel abuses another woman.. Fox News contributor and former Democratic strategist Bob Beckel directed an F-bomb at female Tea Party activist Jennifer ...

Bob Beckel's Return To The Five is Quite Emotional

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Bob Beckel reflects on the 2016 presidential election

'The Five' co-host shares his thoughts on 'Hannity'

Bob Beckel EXPLODES At Eric Bolling Over Trump Wiretapping Accusation

Fox News Bob Beckel Flips Off Jesse Waters On Live TV, During Race Baiting Discussion

Bob Beckel from Fox News The Five flips off Jesse Waters on live TV during the discussion of 2014 Race Baiting Democratic politics. Bob Beckel can't stand ...

Fox News Fires Bob Beckel

Fox News has fired host Bob Beckel for the second time in two years. On Friday, a Fox News spokesperson stated, "Bob Beckel was terminated today for making ...

Dana Perino's SOund CUT OFF As She Curses at Bob Beckel!!

The lovely and brilliant Dana Perino has been fending off Bob Beckel in a debate about the ISIS insurgency in Iraq all this week, and it finally broke out into ...

Beckel on 2x-Divorced Guilfoyle's Eating Victory: "That's What She's Done To The Men In Her Life"

Dana Perino Tears Into Bob Beckel

From "The Five" 4/23/12.

Fox News’ Bob Beckel Fired

On Friday, Fox News fired “The Five” co-host Bob Beckel for making a racist remark to a black employee. Fox News human resources reportedly conducted a ...

The Five Presents Bob Beckel's Apology Tour!

And at that they only hit the highlights.

Fox Fight: Bob Beckel Says Trump 'Is Starting To Lose It,' We Need To Take Away the Nuclear Codes

In this Majority Report clip, Bob Beckel appears on Fox News' "The Five," and argues with Eric Bolling about the FISA court...which he was previously on. Bolling ...

Fox News Fires ‘The Five’ Host Bob Beckel Over Racist Remark

Bob Beckel was fired by Fox News on Friday. Click here to read more: ...

Fox News fires The Five co-host Bob Beckel after interaction with an African American IT

Fox News fires The Five co-host Bob Beckel after interaction with an African American IT coworker. Fox News has lost yet another personality after a complaint ...

Fox News Say's Bye, Bye To Bob Beckel,"Again!"

Please open, and read the article, and watch the imbedded video.

Fox News' Bob Beckel Horrifies His Co-Hosts, Compares Radical Islam to Interracial Dating

Fox News' Bob Beckel horrified his fellow co-workers on The Five by comparing the acceptance if radical Islam to interracial dating... This clip from the Majority ...

Kimberly Guilfoyle I Will Spend My Life With Bob Beckel if the Wall Isn’t Built | PoliticalNews

Kimberly Guilfoyle I Will Spend the Rest of My Life With Bob Beckel if the Mexican Wall Isn't Built | PoliticalNews PoliticalNews : latest news ...

’Our Producer Didn’t Put It in the Lineup, But…’: Beckel Brings Up Spicer’s Gaffe on The Five

On Fox News' The Five today, Bob Beckel threw a wrench in the machine. The show came to a grinding halt after he said, “I can't let this go, 'cause our producer ...

Beckel: Kids Don't Get Pure Cocaine Nowadays!

Fox News this week explained to kids who were at the beach on spring break the difference between "good" and "bad" cocaine. On Monday's edition of Hannity, ...

Fox New Beckel and Watters debate the Washington Post report

The Five co-hosts sound off on tonight's show! The Washington post accuses Trump of leaking classified material to the Russians. The hosts go at it very heartily!

Viewers react to Bob Beckel rejoining 'The Five'

Fans reaction to Beckel's return.

The Five's Bob Beckel Explodes at Panel: 'You're Playing The Race Card!' - 8/8/13

8/8/13 - A Thursday afternoon segment on The Five that was ostensibly about actor Matt Damon's decision to send his children to private school took a sharp ...