Bob Beckel reflects on the 2016 presidential election

'The Five' co-host shares his thoughts on 'Hannity'

Beckel vs. Varney on Obamacare

Bob Beckel, 'The Five,' co-host, discusses how he would change Obamacare.

CNN's Bob Beckel's BRILLIANT 2016 election predictions. #TFN-EXCLUSIVE

Beckel vs Beckel On Hannity

Graham Beckel talks some sense to Bob on Foxnews.

Bob Beckel Drops A Racial Slur On Fox's 'The Five'

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Beckel Discusses President Trump with Jillian Barberie Jillian Barberie joins Bob to discuss politics and President Donald Trump.

Fox News fires Bob Beckel

Fox News announced that it had fired "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel for a remark he made to an employee of color.

Beckel, Watters debate the Washington Post report

'The Five' co-hosts sound off.

WATCH: Kimberly Guilfoyle Kisses Bob Beckel New Year's 2015

Fox News New Year 2015: Kimberly Guilfoyle gave Bob Beckel a big smooch on New Years 2015!

Bill O'Reilly slams Bob Beckel a former colleague

On the O'Reilly factor last night bill was not too happy about the comments his former colleague Bob Beckel said about him at his new station CNN. Video ...

Beckel: Trump Wrote Letter to Princess Diana

CNN Commentator Bob Beckel tells Smerconish he's looking into a controversial letter Trump sent to Princess Diana.

Bob Beckel being unprofessional!!

Bob Beckeks loses it over a guy on twitter,

Fox News F-Bomb By Bob Beckel On Sean Hannity Show

Fox News contributor Bob Beckel dropped an f-bomb on Sean Hannity's show live on the air, mistakenly thinking it was a commercial break. The Young Turks ...

FOX News' Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb Live On "Hannity"

Beckel abuses another woman.. Fox News contributor and former Democratic strategist Bob Beckel directed an F-bomb at female Tea Party activist Jennifer ...

Fox News Fires ‘The Five’ Host Bob Beckel Over Racist Remark

Bob Beckel was fired by Fox News on Friday. Click here to read more: ...

Bob Beckel Makes his Red Eye Debut!

Bob Beckel is blunt and funny. He's sort of the Betty White of cable news. In a good way.

Bob Beckel Drops Another F-Bomb Live on Fox News

Dana Perino Blows Up On Bob Beckel

Fox's The Five was created with heated debate/gabfest in mind, but the hosts all seem to have a playful repartee with one another in the end (except for Eric ...

Dana Perino's SOund CUT OFF As She Curses at Bob Beckel!!

The lovely and brilliant Dana Perino has been fending off Bob Beckel in a debate about the ISIS insurgency in Iraq all this week, and it finally broke out into ...

Fox News The Five's Liberal Bob Beckel Attempts to Backhand Kimberly Guilfoyle on Live TV

Fox News must not have an HR department because if they did then they would be firing Bob Beckel over his harassment. Take a look at these clips that are all ...

Eric Metaxas Interviews Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel

For the first time in SITC history, Eric Metaxas interviews not one, but two guests! Columnist Cal Thomas and political pundit Bob Beckel are political ...

Beckel Lets the Cat Out of the Bag!

Who was Dana Perino talking about? She wouldn't say, but that didn't stop Bob Beckel...

Beckel and Guilfoyle Kiss, Hasselbeck initiated

Highlight of the night from Fox News All American New Year. Happy 2014 all!

Bob Beckel: I'm for a flat tax

The Five co-host Bob Beckel discusses the Democratic Party's plan for economic growth and America's opioid epidemic.

Viewers react to Bob Beckel rejoining 'The Five'

Fans reaction to Beckel's return.

Beckel: Kids Don't Get Pure Cocaine Nowadays!

Fox News this week explained to kids who were at the beach on spring break the difference between "good" and "bad" cocaine. On Monday's edition of Hannity, ...