Bbc Wales Today Lunchtime Bulletin

BBC Radio Shetland lunchtime bulletin

Behind the scenes at BBC Radio Shetland. Producer Mike Grundon reads the 12.54 lunchtime bulletin.

BBC News | Sunday 13 December 1981

From the archives of It's December 1981 and Kenneth Kendall, Michael Buerk and Brian Hanrahan bring us news of martial law in ...

HS2 in court: BBC London (Lunchtime)

BBC London lunchime bulletin, 3rd Dec 2012.

BBC1: lunchtime / evening continuity and news - Boxing Day 1984

Two slices of Boxing Day on BBC1 surrounding the lunchtime and early evening news with Jan Leeming. Headlines (from both bulletins): - Gadaffi recommends ...

BBC Wales Today Early Evening.wmv

Main BBC evening news.

BBC Wales Continuity & News 1984

26th August 1984 - A full Sunday evening news bulletin from the August Bank Holiday weekend 1984.

BBC Lunchtime News - Auxiliary Units Story

This video is from the BBC Lunctime News covering the July 4th event at Coleshill 2010. It is all about Winston Churchill's Auxiliary Units. More at ...

BBC1: Lunchtime News / continuity - Thursday 27th December 1984

A 'not-quite-News-After-Noon' lunchtime bulletin from the Christmas holidays with Francis Coverdale. Headlines: - Terry Waite flies home after Libyan envoy ...

BBC News - main and Anglia March 2002

BBC News - main and Anglia March 2002.

Nine O'Clock News, BBC-1, 1st March 1984

Complete bulletin including continuity at the beginning and a little bit of the weather forecast at the end. The main stories are the GCHQ union ban and the ...

BBC Wales Today new set - 2010

Broadcast 1 June 2010.

BBC Wales Today - new set

A new set was introduced in June 2010, includes short item on studio refit, weather forecast and story recap at the end.

BBC Wales Today new set - 2013

Again moving to more closely match the national set in London, C2 in Llandaf received a makeover which took six weeks. Titles were adjusted to be ever so ...

BBC News - 9th April 2002 | Funeral of the Queen Mother

Presenter - Anna Ford Lunchtime bulletin from the day of the Queen Mother's funeral.

BBC South Today Lunchtime News - Battle of the Somme

BBC iPlayer East Midlands Today Evening News: 30112016

BBC Wales Today Report on FAW Council, July 2013

Reporter Ashleigh Crowther.

840104 - BBC 2: BBC News (4 January 1984)

John Humphrys presenting a short late evening news bulletin, early 1984. Date: Wednesday January 4, 1984 Source: VHS.

BBC London lunchtime bulletin covers UKIP launch with Stuart Wheeler

Katie Inman from BBC London was onhand to catch UKIP London's campaign launch outside the Houses of Parliament and two hours later the pictures were ...

BBC Wales Today - Tuesday 9th July 2013

Presenter Jamie Owen. Reporter Ashleigh Crowther.

BBC Wales Today - WRU to offer new PA

2nd January 2014.

BBC London TV bulletin read by Rebecca

BBC lunchtime bulletin read by Rebecca Bell in July 2011.