Bambi Blaze

Bambi blaze belly movie

And also some other extra clips and funny moments :) enjoy thank you for 1000 subs you guys deserve this :3.

Bambi Blaze: Blow Me! Part 2

I don't have part one, unfortunately. Though this one is where the inflation starts, so I guess it might not matter?

Bambi Blaze Phase 3

She becomes a baby machine. I think it's very weird but you guys want to quench your "thirst".

Bambi Blaze Peppermint Fatty

DO NOT FLAG THIS YOU WANTED TO WATCH IT*** She gets big but dose she burst?

Bambi blaze Breast expansion Giant

Boods Giaaaaaaaaaaant!!!! Yaaaaaay.

huge belly expansion, bambi blaze gets so fat that maybe she can explote

woman inflates her belly to enormous porpotions!!!!! i love BAMBI BLAZE!!!!! WE MISS YOU BAMBI BLAZE!!!

Balloon Time Belly

Bambi Blaze finds a huge balloon and gets herself inflated!

Bambi Blaze Phase 1

I had to cut off the first part because it's inappropriate for YouTube.

Bambi Blaze magic cane inflation

Bambi add finds a magical cane, when she taps it her belly swells!

Bambi Blaze - Job Fullfillment [REUPLOAD]

I don't know why, but this video is constantly being taken down. Maybe it's just the channels themselves that are being removed, but either way I'm here to bring ...

Bambi blaze piano lessons belly expansion

More coming soon :)

Bambi Blaze Christmas Spirit Belly Inflation

She gets big but dose she burst.