Bambi Blaze

What Happened to BAMBI BLAZE?

Once the queen of BREAST EXPANSION, Bambi Blaze made a name for herself as one of the first porn-stars to delve into Body Expansion fetish. But What ...

Bambi Blaze magic cane inflation

Bambi add finds a magical cane, when she taps it her belly swells!

Bambi Blaze: Blow Me! Part 2

I don't have part one, unfortunately. Though this one is where the inflation starts, so I guess it might not matter?

Bambi Blaze Phase 3

She becomes a baby machine. I think it's very weird but you guys want to quench your "thirst".

Bambi blaze belly movie

And also some other extra clips and funny moments :) enjoy thank you for 1000 subs you guys deserve this :3.

Balloon Time Belly

Bambi Blaze finds a huge balloon and gets herself inflated!

3k subscribers! A bit choppy, but as I mentioned in the video, things have been interesting with us IRL... things should return to a more normal pace in a ...

Bambi Blaze Peppermint Fatty

DO NOT FLAG THIS YOU WANTED TO WATCH IT*** She gets big but dose she burst?

Bambi blaze mily breast milk

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android.

huge belly expansion, bambi blaze gets so fat that maybe she can explote

woman inflates her belly to enormous porpotions!!!!! i love BAMBI BLAZE!!!!! WE MISS YOU BAMBI BLAZE!!!

Bambi Blaze Phase 1

I had to cut off the first part because it's inappropriate for YouTube.

Bambi blaze Milky Play Bar

Wha- oh sorry I was eating a Milky way.

Bambi blaze playing with her sexy fat huge belly

Bambi blaze Dr blimps cyber blow up breast belly expansion