Student pilot takes to the air for the first time.

Bantam B22J landing at Silver Creek

A beautiful day to fly in the Bantam B22J. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Microlight Fun + Glide approach with cockpit audio" ...

Bantam B22J Microlight - Breakfast flyin - Waikato NZ

Bantam B22J flys from Gordonton to Matangi then via Te Awamutu.

Bantam B22J Microlight

Micro Aviation Bantam B22J Microlight (ZK-WBB), some pics and videos of recent action. Jabiru 2200 Powered.

Bantam b22j te kowhia air feild

Fly te kowhia plane.

Bantam B22J takeoff and landing (ultralight)

Student pilot takeoff and landing in ultralight Lightflight to Grass Roots. Bantam b22j.

Shaun's Flight In A Bantam B22J

Just a quick jolly about the countryside in the Corby area with Shaun in Pinefields Company Aeroplane a Bantam B22J.

An Aviation Cinematic

My first cinematic. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to stand the chance to win an epic flight with me and see the world through the eyes of ...

Bantam b22j turbulent go around first attempt

Bantam b22j go around because of turbulence. Crosswind and sink over the threshold. Rotor from the trees.


Bantam B22J flight over Nelspruit, with steep turns!

Bantam b22j microlight takeoff and landing tail view

Bantam b22j takeoff and landing view from tail with gopro.

My first solo flight on Bantam b22j over Klongsi Bangkok

Bantam B22j Touch n' Go

a late summer afternoon flight in a Bantam, touch n go at Motueka,

Bantam b22j takeoff South Africa

Bantam b22j microlight takeoff.

Coromandel Coast Flight #avgeek

Micro aviation Bantam B22 ZK-JAE "Miss Dumbledore" flight up the Coromandel coast from Thames Saturday December 17th 2016 #avgeek.

Bantam b22j turbulent landing second attempt successful

Bantam b22j landing in severe turbulence.second attempt. Bumpy cross wind with sink. Ultralight.

Bantam b22j landing.South Africa

Bantam microlight landing in Cato Ridge South Africa.

Bantam b22j microlight

Bantam b22 pilots view over cloud.

Playing random fortnite

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Bantam b22j ridge soaring kzn Table mountain

Ridge soaring Bantam b22j. KZN Table mountain cockpit view gopro.

Bantam B22J low pass and short landing (microlight)

Pilot view from Bantam.