ATWT November 18, 1994

Lily wants a secret pregnancy as Craig and Samantha's relationship is falling apart. Meanwhile Evan's closeness disturbs Barbara and Mike is intimate with ...

Parker's Birth 1998- ATWT

Carly gives Birth to Parker right before midnight.

ATWT Lily Meets Holden (1985) Pt.2

November 1985. Lily meets her soul mate as Craig's dishonesty alienates Sierra. Meanwhile Marie Kovac irks Marsha Talbot and Barbara's attitude speaks ...

Tribute to Martha Byrne (ATWT)

This is my tribute to Martha Byrne who has played Lily on As the World Turns off & on since 1985. I grew up watching her and the least I could do was show my ...

ATWT winter 2001-2002 part 09.avi

Jake and Molly don't buy Craigs trick. Jack questions Barbara. James turns himself in after a reward from Lucinda. Julia holds Jack hostage in his own house.

ATWT Luke Confesses His Attraction to Noah

Luke finally admits to Noah that he is attracted to him during the August 1 and August 2, 2007 episodes of As the World Turns.

ATWT - Julia Has Jack Part 3

Julia is holding Jack and will not let him go. Craig and Simon are on the case but will they save Jack from Julia before she kills him!

ATWT - 2007 New Theme - Version 1

This is version one of the new theme that premiered on As The World Turns on 04/30/07. This includes opening, mid-bumper and previews theme.

ATWT 4/4/07 Faith collapses

Holden arrives at the farm and embraces Lily, assuring her that they are stronger than Craig. Lily then tells Holden he doesn't know that Meg caught Faith ...

ATWT 1 7 00

January 7, 2000

ATWT - Hal is Gone - Part 1

The Oakdale residents learn one by one that Hal is gone and mourn his loss.

ATWT 8/27/09 Parker & Faith

Holdens funeral brings everyone. Faith, full of anger at Lily for kissing Damian, storms out of the funeral and rips up one the photos of Holden and Lily together.

ATWT Tribute - 2010 Emmy's

The Emmy's showed a short tribute to ATWT. Luke and Noah's first kiss was featured so I figured I would upload it. Although I'm surprised over some of the clips ...

ATWT - Luke & Noah make love for first time

Worth the wait!! Thanks to Xander for posting the original vid.

ATWT April 14, 1983 Part 3

Some additional scenes near the end from fall of 1982.

atwt opening 2009

I have made an opening for As the world turns 2009 season with bumpers sourced from the great Soapalien. I thought i would make it to show how simple it is to ...

ATWT - Carly & Simon Celebrate her Divorce

Simon brings Carly to the islands so she can get a quickie divorce from Jack. They drink big time and Carly gets her fortune read and they dance to Shakira's ...

ATWT: CarJack - We're Gonna Have a Baby 9/16/10

As the World Turns September 16, 2010. Carly is feeling nauseous as Janet delivers her baby in the cabin. Once at the hospital, Jack learns Dusty is the father ...

ATWT: Jack and Carly have bad news for Gwen

Jack and Carly tell Gwen that her baby is dead. Some very sad scenes. Great acting by Jennifer Landon and Maura West.

ATWT 1 10 96

January 10, 1996

ATWT 3/1/10 Liberty & Janet (Meredith Hagner & Julie Pinson's Last Scenes Together)

Meredith Hagner and Julie Pinson, FTW!! These are their last scenes together. As The World Turns - March 1, 2010 For the rest of the Janet/Dusty/Jack scenes ...

ATWT The World Stops Turning (2010) Pt.6

September 17, 2010. In the 13858th and final episode of As the World Turns, 54 years of history in Oakdale, Illinois conclude with Bob Hughes' reflections on the ...

ATWT November 29, 1994

Jessica has a painful night of danger and heartache as Larry brings Emily's manipulations to an end. Meanwhile Mike celebrates his racing victory and Janice ...

ATWT 10 28 99

October 28, 1999

ATWT - Cast Interviews

Interviews with many of the actors from As the World Turns discussing their characters.

ATWT 4/10/07 Faith & Lily talk to each other

Lily assures Faith that she threw out all of her remaining diet pills. The two have a surprisingly frank conversation about Faith's eating disorder and Lily's ...