Atargatis - Wasteland

Dryness fell over the land of Man, For they have turned the landscape by their wasting hand. Dried up earth and only fruitless soil, Every look you take shows ...

Atargatis - Selina (Widow of the Moon)

Atargatis Selina (Widow of the Moon) Wasteland.

Atargatis Syrian Mermaid Goddess Zbrush

2013 3D Modeling Reel by Nolan Jacobs. Make sure to click "1080 High Quality" beneath video if you can.


Atargatis樂團,nova專輯Crucified,Gothic Metal~(為何有時Gothic這字被Youtube分開...一下有一下沒有)

01 - Atargatis in Giessen 01.05.2008

Atargatis live in MUK (Giessen 01.05.2008)

Atargatis - Through the mists of oblivion

This female voice is absolutely splendid! Great song! ....... (the following are a few personal thoughts about the woman I am looking for...) ....... Even through the ...

Atargatis - Crucified (with lyrics)

Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos and site!

Atargatis - Thy Crystallic Ascension

Track #4 from their album Wasteland [2006], by Atargatis (Germany) Disclaimer: I don't own this track or the pictures.

Atargatis The First Mermaid

Subtitles available in Finnish and English. Tekstitykset saatavilla sekä suomeksi että englanniksi. If you are watching my videos via YouTube app and look for ...

Atargatis-Arthus Pendragon

It's a rare song from their first demo called "Alba Gebraich". You might know that their sound has really changed ;-)

ATARGATIS, The Mermaid Goddess | #marvellacontest2017 | vanaoey

Happy watching guyyss Jadi ini adalah submission aku untuk marvella contest yang diadakan oleh delania marvella #marvellacontest2017. Yang mau ikut ...

Atargatis - Green Lake's Ground

His love to Fate angered mother nature A nymph who's hidden on a green lake's ground To avoid her binding to this human To avoid soiling nature's majesty ...


Martedì 21 ottobre alle ore 17.00 Campobasso - Sala Conferenze GAL Committente: Agricola Bisci srl - cod. impianto BPFP 9/191/187 BG-FP **** Intervento Vito ...

Atargatis - Cradle of Fern

The source said "life", the morning spring gave its "existence". The wind offered its "breath" A sparkle descended formed a bundle of "life" that carries all hope ...


The song 'Firebird' off their album 'Nova' set to a slideshow of fantasy pictures. DISCLAIMER: This was put together for entertainment purposes only!

Atargatis - Selina (Fragment) - live at MFVF 2008

Atargatis performing 'Selina' live at MFVF 2008 in Wieze, Belgium, on October 18, 2008. Visit the band's website at

Angels Crying Atargatis (Subtitulos Español).

Mi canción favorita de Atargatis, esta gran banda del Metal Gótico, Saludos. Originarios de Alemania.

atargatis wasteland

With the Best Song from the Album Wasteland.

Last Goodbye - Atargatis

From their album Divine Awakening (2004) Atargatis is a Symphonic metal band from Germany, with Stephanie Luzie as their vocalist. Photos and music are ...

Atargatis - Deliverance

Atargatis - Deliverance Album : Nova.

Atargatis - Comets & Watermight (Nova parts I and II)

Band: Atargatis Album: Nova Songs: Comets (Nova part I) Watermight (Nova part II) Year: 2007 Genre: Gothic Country: Germany.

atargatis angels crying subtitulado

esta es una de mis canciones favoritas y con un gran significado.