Arrane Saveenagh

Enclos du Port in Lorient, Brittany. Crazy reverb in this old reservoir/water tank! Traditional Manx lullaby in Manx Gaelic performed by Cairistìona Dougherty and ...

'Arrane Saveenagh' by Cairistiona Dougherty

'Arrane Saveenagh' by Cairistiona Dougherty and Paul Rogers Manx lullaby performed at Yn Chruinnaght Inter-Celtic Festival Centenary Centre, Peel, Isle of ...

Song of the Water Kilpie / Arrane Ghelbee

My playing of this Isle of Man tune is inspired by Charles Guard's version on his album "Avenging and Bright". The clock and crickets add so much to this ...

Arrane Ben-vlieaun byマリ~ンズ(初回お試し演奏)

北九州教室 ダルシマーユニット「マリ~ンズ」 初回、お試し演奏です。 顔が映らないと思って、安心して弾いてます(笑)

Arrane Queeyl Nieuee song [The Maughold Show, Pt. 8]

The children of Dhoon School perform a traditional Manx Gaelic song collected by Mona Douglas from Mrs Callow of Cardle Veg, Maughold 1918-20.

Biffy Clyro - Re-arrange (Official Video)

Re-arrange is the 4th single to be taken from Biffy Clyro's album "Ellipsis". Get your copy here: You can also listen on Spotify ...

Manx Tradition: Arrane Ghelbee (Dalby Song)

"In the long ago a curiously shaped boat would be seen at the close of a summer evening coming from Bradda towards Dalby. In the boat sat an old man with ...

ลืม ขอนแก่น Re arrane cover BY วง7เรือยอร์จ มมส 1

My Island Folk Music - Arrane Ghelby / Garrett Barry

The first tune is Manx Traditional and the second is Irish Traditional. Paul and Ken are friends who occasionally play and sing on the local Manx folk scene.

Ruth Keggin - Arrane Y Skeddan

All credit goes to Ruth Keggin for her amazing voice.

Arrane Oie Vie/Goodnight Song - The Reeling Stones

The Reeling Stones perform 'Arrane Oie Vie/Goodnight Song' at the Villa Marina Arcade in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Rún, Arrane Oie Vie

Rún perform Manx song Arrane Oie Vie at National Theatre Foyer April 2012.

National Anthem Isle of Man Arrane Ashoonagh

Channel Best music presents: classic music, instrumental music, love music, dance music, dj music, house music, ost music, hip hop music, premium music, ...

Day 1 - Arrane Ben Vlieaun (Milking Song)

Have a lot of fiddle tunes to learn in the next few months. I plan on posting a new tune each day for a while. These will mostly be simple tunes but not practiced ...

Autoharp: Arrane Ben-vlieaun (Instrumental)

At our Friday night sessions, we play a set of three short traditional Manx tunes, one of which is Arrane y Niee which I uploaded a few weeks ago. Arrane ...

Isle of Man Anthem (Arrane Ashoonagh)

"O land of our birth, O gem of God's earth, O Island so strong and so fair; Built firm as Barrule, Thy Throne of Home Rule Makes us free as thy sweet mountain air.

"Song of the Water Kelpie" (Arrane Ghelbee)

Traditional Manx tune arranged for mountain dulcimer by Carol Walker.

Arrane Y Chlean, Manx Lullaby, chord-melody version, manx music

Arrane y Chlean , Manx Lullaby, arranged by Carol Walker. Dad, manx music,

Arrane ny Niee (The Washing Song) ~ Manx Folk Guitar

A guitar arrangement of the traditional Manx lullaby.

Anthem of the Isle of Man | Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin

"Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin"

National Anthem of Isle of Man - ''Arrane Ashoonagh dy Vannin''

Arrane's dance

Arranes dance when she was drunk. She loves for sivakarthiayan.

Day 4 Arrane Oie Vie

Tune a day, Day 4 Just a beginner so don't expect much. Arrane Oie Vie Manx (Isle of Man) traditiona "good night song". Check out

Arrane Ghelby / Fathaby Jig - Two Manx tunes from the Isle of Man

Perhaps one of the most beautiful tunes in all of the traditional Manx music repertoire, 'Arrane Ghelby' ('Dalby Song' in Manx Gaelic) also carries with it one of ...

Barrule - In Search of Manannan / Arrane y Chlean / The Girls of Balladoole

Barrule performing three sets at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2012 at l'Espace Bretagne. Performance date: Wednesday 8th August 2012. Venue: ...

Autoharp: Arrane y Chlean (Instrumental)

This is the third traditional Manx tune that I mentioned yesterday when I uploaded Arrane Ben-vlieaun, and as I indicated then, along with Arrane y Niee it makes ...