Alli Bhandari

Alli Bhandari| Elastic Heart

REUPLOAD for my baby girl Alli, sort of a character tribute focusing on her relationships.

alli bhandari | coming home.

No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment purposes only. Coming Home- P.Diddy. I put absolutely no effort into this video. Sorry.

Alli leaves Degrassi

I love Alli, i hope she comes back. It was so sad to see her go. song is Sweet Silver Lining No copyright infringement intended.

Alli and Bianca Fight!

The scene where Alli and Bianca get into a fight about how Alli sent Bianca's nudie pictures to the entire school!

Alli Bhandari/Oliver Oken(DTNG/HM) ~Here We Go Again~

this is my first cross over ever and i think it is pretty good this is for cutechik92 crossover contest please tell me what you think.

Alli Bhandari || Castle walls [ Degrassi : The Next Generation ]

Just a short video about my favourite ( from the new cast ) female character from the tv show called " Degrassi " . Please , I want to have Melinda's eyes , they are so big and pretty ....

Alli Bhandari || Heart like Memphis ( Degrassi )

Alli is definitely my fav character from Degrassi . I kinda started to like Alli & Dave , I'd love to see Alli & Drew , they'd be hot but ... I think he's not good enough for her , he's a jerk...

Johnny/Alli- God Damn Your Beautiful

FINSIHED! Enjoy some Jalli fluff. FTW.

Alli/Leo - Love the Way You Lie

I despise this couple, but I heard this song, and it just fit them too well to /not/ vid it, ya know? Just a quick video. Edit: Holy shit, Melinda Shankar and Alex Harrouch tweeted this video....

Alli and Drew Scenes - Degrassi Better Off Alone

Better off alone part 1 and 2 (: This was requested by Degrassifanx94! Request a couple or character from Degrassi and I'll upload the scenes they're in! (:

Goodbye (Degrassi Class of 2014 + Eli )

Goodbye, Clare Edwards (Aislinn Paul), Alli Bhandari (Melinda Shankar), Connor DeLaurier (Aj Saudin), Jenna Middleton (Jessica Tyler), Drew Torres (Luke Bilyk), Becky Baker (Sarah Fisher),...

Degrassi: Alli and Dallas - Fix you

I fell in love with these two and how their relationship developed.

i am.. | alli bhandari [collab audition]

A new video! Yay. For those of you who follow me on twitter, this is NOT the video I have been working on for the past twoish months. I started this yesterday. So, please enjoy :) It's really...

Alli Bhandari and boyfriends

These are Alli Bhandari's past and recent boyfriends. P.S. The song has nothing 2 do with the vid! :P.

×Starstruckk // Alli Bhandari.

I love this girl. =) COMMENT, RATE, SUBSCRIBE, FAVORITE! Song: Starstruckk Remix ft. Katy Perry Artist: 3OH!3 Program Used: Sony Vegas 7 I OWN NOTHING I do not own CTV, TeenNick,...

6/23- Alli Bhandari?

Alli Bhandari & Johnny DiMarco | Love like Woe

I have wanted to vid these two again for so long. Scott and Melinda had amazing chemistry together, and you could tell how comfortable they were together. This is the only Alli pairing...

Alli Bhandari & Johnny DiMarco ▪ Hello, Goodbye

[Read Description ] Lisez la description. Okay guys, that's not the better video ever about Alli and Johnny's couple. But I wanted to make something different. Sad stories are so.... Sad...

Team Bhandari | Sav&Alli

Very Very simple video. I just wanted to showcase some of the amazing scenes they've had together. Ok so while I am very pro Gen1; this is by far my favorite sibling relationship on the show...

Dance in the Dark (Alli & Johnny).mpg

Watch & enjoy. song: Lady Gaga "Dance in the dark" cast: Alli Bhandari (Melinda Shankar) Johnny DiMarco (Scott Paterson) Bruce the Moose (Natty Zavitz) Archie Simpson (Stefan Brogren)...

Degrassi: Alli Gets Real

TeenNick's promo for the ninth season of Degrassi featuring Alli Bhandari (Melinda Shankar).

Johnny DiMarco/Alli Bhandari - Naturally

Note: No infringement intended.

Degrassi: TNG | Alli Dances At Panthers Game!

Degrassi's cheesy - thats why we love it Episode 10,06 "99 Problems P2" Song: Junebug - Little Foot Long Foot MIRRORED No copyright infringement intended No profit is being made off...

Degrassi Profiles:Alli Bhandari

Degrassi Character Alli Bhandari's profile. Enjoy! Comment, rate, favorite and subscribe! Sorry for that little error where the music stops. Check out my channel for more Degrassi Profiles...

Alliah "Alli" Bhandari

Disclaimer- i do not own degrassi.