Admiral General Aladeen Introduction

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The Daily Show - Admiral General Aladeen

Admiral General Aladeen, star of "The Dictator," discusses his country's stance on WMDs, and assures Jon that his family is safe. The Comedy Central app has ...

Aladeen Madafaka (lyrics)

The Dictator 2012 song Lyrics In Arabic: da da da da daaa halla eja elzaeem aladeen, aladeen motherfockeerr da da da da daaa al sha'b yaqool eny hakim ...

Death To Aladeen Restaurant

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Weekend Update: Admiral General Aladeen - Saturday Night Live

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Aladeen Motherfucker scene (HD)

The Dictator Aladeen goes to U S and A. I dont own any rights to this movie.

The Dictator Aladeen MotherFucker English Lyrics

Subscribe + Like The Dictator 2012 song Lyrics In Arabic: da da da da daaa halla eja elzaeem aladeen, aladeen motherfockeerr da da da da daaa al sha'b ...


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Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Ashes on Ryan Seacrest - 2012 Oscars | E!

See what happens when Ryan Seacrest interviews the Sacha Baron Cohen as "The Dictator"--and gets "ashes" spilled on him on live TV! SUBSCRIBE: ...

How Sacha Baron Cohen lurked Ali G & Admiral General Aladeen to Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen and Conan o'brien in a Talk Show revealed, how he fooled the Oscar producers & sneaked his characters into Oscars.

General Aladeen arrives for his interview with on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in the UK

The Glorious Leader Admiral General Aladeen arrives for an interview in the UK on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man'.

The Dictator imparts his wisdom

One of the world's most controversial leaders, General Aladeen...

The Dictator - Aladeen MotherFucker [English Lyrics]

Hail Aladeen!

The Dictator Aladeen Motherfucker full trailer Music

The Dictator Aladeen Motherfucker full trailer Music.

The Dictator | EXCLUSIVE interview with Admiral General Aladeen (2012) Larry King - Darsteller / cast: Sacha Baron Cohen , Anna Faris , John C. Reilly , Megan Fox , Ben Kingsley , B.J. Novak , Genre: ...

General Admiral Aladeen tortured

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Aladeen's great entrance to America

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The Dictator Official Trailer 2 [HD]: Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen: ENTV

The second official trailer for 'The Dictator' starring Sacha Baron Cohen (Admiral General Aladenn). The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that ...

"O Ditador" - Quem é Aladeen? (Oficial Legendado - Portugal)

Toda a comunidade internacional coloca a questão: Quem é o Almirante General Aladeen? Nesta pequena reportagem, pretendemos mostrar um pouco deste ...

The Dictator - Aladeen's discovery

"Give a man a VagAiEEna, he will speakh for a day. Teach a man to use his hAnd as VagAiEEna he will speakh for life"- General Aladeen.

Olympics - Aladeen : 14 Gold Medals

Aladeen's performance at olympics. No wonder he got 14 gold medals.

The Dictator Soundtrack - Aladeen motherfuckers

The soundtrack from The Dictator, Aladeen Motherfuckers, AMAZING SONG:P Great movie in my opinion with great songs like this one! Original song: Dr Dre ...

THE DICTATOR theme song - Aladeen mother fucker