3RHA Soldiers Race in Gun Run challenge 24.04.13

Members of 3rd Battalion Royal Horse Artillery have taken part in a gun run challenge on the ranges in northern Germany. Each battery had to run more than three kilometres, at the pace...

3RHA Train for Afghanistan 17.09.13

3rd Regiment Royal Artillery are just days away from deploying to Afghanistan and they have been packing in some last minute training before they head off. The regiment have undergone changes...

3RHA Alpine Ski Team

What the winter holds for members of 3RHA's Alpine Ski Team.

3RHA Gun Position, Basra

Sept 08 - Gunners from Germany based 3rd Royal Horse Artillery, have been in Iraq for a year now. Based in a corner of the COB, their AS90 'Big Guns' are armed and ready to return the fire...

3RHA Borneo Pt1 1

3 Troop RHA. The Green Archer Radar Troop of 3RHA deployment from Detmold to Borneo in 1965/66.

3 RHA reunited for first time in 2 years 21.10.11

The Gunners of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery have been reunited in Germany. C Battery has just arrived back from Herrick 14 and received their medals today from former Commanding Officer,...


range shoot op telic 7 J(sidi rezegh) Bty 3RHA FHT.

D Battery Royal Horse Artillery on Op Telic

op telic 2003.

3rha страйкбольная тренировка

Тренировка 17.02.2013.

C Battery wins 3 RHA boxing finals 02.03.12

Soldiers from 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery have been competing in a boxing competition in Hohne. The nine-bout event was won by C Battery. In other boxing news, the second Army...

Goodbye to 3RHA from CO 2014-2016

This video was compiled by CO 3RHA on his departure to capture the amazing experiences of commanding a talented and committed Regiment of soldiers from Jun 2014 - Nov 2016. #traditionofexcellence.

Introducing 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

Who are we? Watch this.

J(Sidi Rezegh) Bty, 3RHA Op TELIC 12

A description of how the men and women of J(Sidi Rezegh) Bty (a UK AS90 Bty) saw the massive changes in Southern Iraq in 2008. These people grafted in temp of up to 60 Deg C, but remained...

3RHA Celebrates Legendary Battle 22.11.13

Soldiers from 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery have celebrated one of the most special days in their calender. They held a sunset ceremony in Camp Bastion to mark Sidi Rezegh day. The Second...

3 RHA NI 1

Rare cine footage of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, from 1971.

3RHA 17.02

Тренировка страйкбольной команды 3rha.

J (Sidi Rezegh) Battery, 3RHA, Op TELIC 12 - 2008

A short video and photo collection of the the latter days of UK Operations in Iraq. This was a period where optimism has grown and pessimism was down. The mentored and shared security activity...

D Battery Op Telic Part 3

Part three of a 29 min video showing D Battry RHA on Op Telic 2003.

3RHA Borneo Pt2

3 Troop RHA. Green Archer Radar. Borneo 1966.