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My love princesse

je love tout le temp moi et ma couz pour cette chanson.

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The Minecraft Griefing

Deathripper501, PUMP3DK1CKS, and I went griefing. For those of you that don't know what griefing is, it's where you ruin someones minecraft world that you don't like. We took most of his...

tribute to red october-kokoro

just imagine red october singing this i love red october (here is a joke sence all boats are called shees i am a girl so i am in a gay mood right now) (i do not own music and pictures)

k rek dyverse productions maddness LIVE IN SAN JOSE

k rek nitris raid dyverse indian rapperExecutive Producer Justin Barwick Aka djripridah CHECK THE VIDEO AND LISTEN TO THE TRACKS FEATURED ON OUR UPCOMING RELEASE Dy-verse Productions Presents...