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Tune Your SAFC, SAFC2 or VAFC !!!

Ronnie goes over the basics of SAFC tuning.

FC RX7 Apexi SAFC Install

Decided to re install my SAFC at midnight after three years of having it off the car. Lady Sue wants to go for a ride in the race car and I play with tuning.

วิธีใช้จอฟ้า S-AFC


apexi s-afc II

lo mejor en tuning, con esto puedes alteras el flujo de aire y combustible de los injectores,

Аpexi S-AFC параметры для 3SGTE ЧАСТЬ 1

Контроллер воздушно топливной смеси. Первичные значения перед настройкой для 3SGTE.

APEXI SAFC ЧАСТЬ 2 : Пункты настройки

Основные пункты меню для настройки двигателя.

How to Tune with Apexi AFC Neo | 1JZGTE Supra | Street Tune

In this episode, Freddy shows you how to tune with the Apexi AFC Neo without the need a dyno on his 1jzgte MKIII supra, he also shows you some of the ...

apexi s-afc регулирование топливной смеси

apexi s-afc регулирование топливной смеси.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 - Lebanon v/s Malaysia - لبنان وماليزيا

AFC Asian Cup 2019 - Lebanon v/s Malaysia - لبنان وماليزيا بعد أن ضمن منتخب لبنان التأهل إلى تصفيات كأس اسيا 2019 الإمارات ،...

SAFC II Tuning Part 1 - Initial Setup - CntrlSwitch How-To

First video as I document the tuning of my 1992 3000G (15Gs, 550cc)

How To: Apexi AFC Neo Installation MX6 (KL-T p11)

I show how to install an apexi Neo into a 1994 mazda mx6. Im using the Neo to control 310cc millennia s injectors at idle and cruise. i am using a 12:1 fmu to ...

How To Tune With A SAFC-II

This is a brief video showing how to setup and tune with an Apexi SAFC-II. THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING!!! each car is different, this is for a 2003 hyundai tiburon, ...


Music by https://www.soundcloud.com/de4gle Link to the S-AFC thread: http://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/how-to-install-a-apexi-safc-on-a-2g-turbo.354838/...

Nissan Skyline 300GT with Apexi S-AFC

Nissan Skyline 300GT 2003 - VQ30DD Apexi S-AFC Intake Plenum Spacer Throttle Body Spacer Z-Tube K&N Air Filter Grounding Kit Header Pipe Test Pipe ...

Toyota Supra apexi safc gen 1 install

Gen 1 apexi safc install on my 1989 toyota Supra 7mgte with the grey plug harness. Never could find a video on this so I made one hope it helps.


APEXiのエアフロコンバータ(燃料補正装置)です。 まずは起動画面を。 すでに配線完了しているアクセル開度率を動かしてみました。映像には...

Honda Civic Apex-i SAFC Tuning | 149.6kW ATW

STM's Andre Simon touches up the tune on Ramsin Issac Honda Civic using an Apex-i SAFC. The Civic made 149.6kW atw.

BOOSTED D21 GETS APEXI SAFC (DIY, how to install)

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66 Arquitectos (3) v/s AFC (4) - LIGA ARQ FECHA 1

Así comenzaba la primera fecha de la Liga ARQ de Ludopro. Encuentro jugado el Sábado 12 de Mayo de 2018.

S AFC 1 Tuned For Mitsubishi Lancer CD9A Engine 4G93 1.8 GSR DOHC Turbo

Working Condition.

Apexi Digital Super AFC Neo- Whats in the Box?

https://www.rallysportdirect.com/scp/engine/engine-management - For more info click here Today on Whats in the Box we are featuring the Apexi Digital Super ...

2008 SAFC 2 v 1 Mags FA Premier Lge

Yes, We always do win 2-1...

KFC Krisngang v/s AFC Udwariya

Penalty shootout 2017 (sirohi )