Angel Tears - Vision ☆彡

Angel Tears ~ Vision (Vocal Mix) Album: Supperclub / The Best of 15 Years.. / 2006.

💥 ACTUALIZACION 3.8!!! ★彡 Español Latino - SAILER PRO - War Robots 2018

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漢字的故事 : 彡


Original Star☆彡 - COLOR-CODED LYRICS

always had a soft spot for this song, it's the last song with the original 8 girls with all their original voices ;__; this is my first lyric video, partly inspired by GalaXys' love live ones~...

『星織ユメミライ』真里花イメージソング「キミの街へ☆彡」short ver.

『星織ユメミライ』篠崎真里花イメージソング short ver. 「キミの街へ☆彡」 Vocal:佐咲紗花 作詞:丘野塔也 作編曲:どんまる http://toneworks.product.c...

彡ΔŁ.从ӃΘ从彡 VS 千山™ member (part1+2)

Mc5 SB VS彡ΔŁ.从ӃΘ从彡™عوده السلسله؟😂

مالي واهس للقناة.

Aikatsu! the Movie - Original Star☆彡 (Starlight Uniform Ver. & None Aikatsu System)

Enjoy a Aikatsu! Important Cutscene 3DCG オリジナルスター☆彡 (スターライト制服 Ver. & アイカツシステムなし) This is a first time never using a Aikatsu System...

アイカツ! 【オリジナルスター☆彡】

アイカツ! 新OP&ED主題歌 KIRA☆Power / Original Star By: わか・ふうり・すなお・れみ・もえ・えり・ゆな・りすこ from STAR☆ANIS Aikatsu! 【Original Star☆彡】...

MC5||sb🆚JACKSANLER||&🆚比〄从モ彡チL〇山||FC op ❤

We Are Number One but it's in Japanese ☆彡

and everyone in the video sounds oddly feminine. Happy April Fools! ⚠️This version is completely fanmade. There is currently no official Japanese translation for Lazy Town. ⇩ ◇Lyrics...

Aikatsu! Original Star☆彡 FULL LYRICS (Ichigo and Akari) ⭐200 Subscribers Special⭐

AAAAAAA THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! WE ARE ON OUR WAY BACK UP TO 1K?? 800 more to go!!! This video is also a redo of my old channel and im glad i did this coz its an...

34 84 カッコイイ曲メドレー ☆彡2013 『序』 東方Vocal良曲




MURAT SAKARYALI ~ Ayrılık.. Album: My Violin ~ 2006.


diff type of video, but I just really felt like editing so deal with it :P TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: DANAU4IA.

【HD】キサラギ GOLD★STAR Game OP「Rolling Star☆彡」


LSP - Rolling Star☆彡 - live

Larval Stage Planning - Rolling Star☆彡 - SHORT CIRCUIT III Premium Show IN TOKYO 2010.

JIKOOK ❞Who are you?❝ | Your Name; AU ☆彡

watch in HD and theater mode* Jikook Your Name au☆彡(contains fake subtitles) R E A D M E -This au is based on the movie Your name (kimi no na wa)- So I got this idea while searching...

☆彡You Spin Me Right Round | MEME

yaaaay an ancient meme! i really hope that you guys are liking my new (ish) fursona! her name is momoko and she represents me more than darkie does ... and shes more interesting lol i actually...

💥ANTI PLASMA★彡 Los Ecu's mas Fuertes!!! - War Robots - SAILER PRO 2018

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初夏 **...☆彡 (昭和50年)

ふきのとう/初夏 作詩・作曲:山木康世 編曲:瀬尾一三 ②『ふたり乗りの電車』(1975年6月1日発売)

Göksel Baktagir - Gülru ☆彡

Göksel Baktagir ~ Gülru.. "Hayal gibi 3" albümünden.. / 2008 Fotoğraflar: 1895 yılında ABD merkezli bir kartpostal şirketi tarafından çekilen ve renklendirilen İstanbul fotoğrafları....

【beatmania ⅡDX】 ディッシュウォッシャー◎彡おいわちゃん 【SINOBUZ】

ようつべにBGAが無かったんだ! 画質上げる方法分からないです.

( ゚д゚ )彡ハイヤー!!!!

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